it's my wife's fault!

May 22, 2008
So, I have a tendency to use rather "evil" tags online. While contemplating an appropriate tag that would reference the bike I purchased, my stick it to the man gas saving purchase, and of course something "evil", my loving wife slipped on the computer and created this "Oh so evil" tag for me.
Could be partly due to my purchasing the Orange Kulana Moondog for my first build.
Gotta lover her!!
I need to take responsibility for the avatar though. Like, where am I going to find an evil carrot avatar??:devilish:

I am on at least 5 other forum sites, so I shouldn't create too much of a commotion online.

If I had done a little more research, I would have gone with the DAX engine. But at this time, I have the KingSport 80cc. It seems to be considered a rather middle of the line type engine from reading this site. Not the best, but not the worst. I can live with that for now.

I chose the Moondog because it has a reputation on this site for being an easy build and other than the "flimsy fenders flaw", pretty reliable.

I'm glad I was able to locate this site PRIOR to beginning my build as opposed to the usual "gotta bail myself out of a jam and find help because I already screwed up" - dilemma I usually put myself in.

I look forward to learning from your expertise!!

Troy Fitz.

" I thought -Carrot of Doom" had a better ring to it.:rolleyes:

not really



Welcome to MBC! Good luck with your project. I am sure you will find plenty of inspiration here. How evil can a carrot be anyway, really? Be wary of the MAD food processor and you should be okay! Post some pictures when you get well underway.