It's so similar to the 70cc engine kits

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by just for kicks, Jul 14, 2007.

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  2. iRide Customs

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    Probably a LOT wider than the kits we use. I think they'd be much heavier too.
  3. Little dirtbike engine

    Very cool, probably 10 times the quality, and 4 times the HP and not legal on streets of CA, BUT, looks very fun, I wonder how much complete engine costs, and what chain size? Mike
  4. Looks to be made in italy and I'm sure they would be to wide since they are made for a different use but still it's only 50cc.

    The mini bikes themselves cost about 2K I'd think a replacement engine would cost atleast 1K.

    They have a 4-stroke version as well as liquid cooled versions also.
  5. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    You'd definitely have to find some BEEFY wheels for that.

    Earlier today I saw an old 1970's Honda MR 50cc motocross bike. Those things are so cool. 3 speed with clutch. I looked at the cyl. and it dwarfs all the 70cc engine kits I've seen so far. I guess that could just be fin size.

    I want to make something from one of these engines SOOO bad but it would be SOOO illegal.
  6. Thats why that little engine is SOOO interesting to me.
    The high quality, the fact it is 50cc (probably 49.8 or something) and automatic (centrifical clutch) with the gear reduction built in like the motored bike kit engines.
    Actually it looks very similar to the motored bike engine layouts.It does apper to be a lot wider and even wider pedal arms and crank shaft might not clear it.

    I found out about those from an EBAY auction and it was a local pickup but I didnt want to spend $600 for just an experiment.But they sell for around 2K new.