It's time to quote ALL fuel consumtion in METRIC figures.

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    We the 95% of the worlds population, outside of the USA use metric exclusively.

    Many people - who compose the 95% of the worlds population, who live outside of the USA, also have no idea what a gallon is.

    They have no idea that there are "different gallons" being the British Gallon is 4.55 liters, and the American Gallon is 3.78 liters.

    Many people - who compose the 95% of the worlds population, who live outside of the USA, also have no idea what a mile is either - why because we all use metric. We use Kilometers.

    That being said, 95% of all the people coming to this site, use metric exclusively and it's only the Americans, who buy the Chinese engines, with METRIC dimensions, METRIC threads and fasteners, METRIC wire sizes, METRIC plug gaps, METRIC ball and needle roller bearings, METRIC pistons and bores and METRIC displacement volumes - in the year 2013 - while quoting their own skewed fuel consumption figures based upon a measurement system that 95% of the worlds population, do not use or understand.

    It would be far better for everyone in the USA to start using metric, and the standard is Liters of fuel per 100Km -- OR -- Kilometers per Litre of fuel.

    This way, EVERYONE knows what everyone else means and there is no having to back calculate into obscure measurements of liquid volume and distance for the majority of visitors, to understand what the 5% of the worlds population actually mean.

    Standardisation is NICE.

    This is why in trade and commerce, imperial measures are such a ******* to use......

    This is why metric is so good and simple to use - and why everyone in the world uses it.

    When you really think about it - by eliminating the use of all the variations of sizes, volumes, distances etc.... and using a single international standard - it makes everything so much easier.

    Since 95% of the worlds population uses metric exclusively - it's best to only quote fuel consumption in Kilometers per Litre or in Liters per Hundred Kilometers.

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    Not in your lifetime.They tried once in the 70's, with disastrous results.Americans like being American.Americans have to deal with foreign customs when visiting, why shouldn't people visiting here have to deal with our nonsense?
    Where's all the money gonna come from to FIRST change all the d.a.m.n. road signs/ mile markers.I don't know what country you live in, but if you've never driven across the wide part of Texas you've no idea how monumental a task you are suggesting.Not to mention, lots of Americans are not exactly math savvy (me included).
    Good idea yes, gonna happen, no.
    You should introduce yourself and tell us about your bike before you jump right in on telling Americans what they should do in their own country.
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    screw metric, I vote for doing it with roman numerals
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Metric is the work of the devil.

    Imperial is the measure of man.
  5. PooPooPeeDoo

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    What a cop out....

    I only mentioned to use it in the forum. So where in the hell does Texas come into it?

    Mathematically deficient? Well you have the ratios right in front of you.

    So are you better at making lame excuses than using a pencil and a piece of paper?

    Let me see.

    I am an Australian - we use metric. Let me do a basic conversion.

    Assuming you get 120 miles per US gallon.

    OK multiply 120 miles X 1.6 (kilometers per mile) = 100 miles x 1.6 = 160 Kilometers PLUS 20 miles = 2 X 10 miles ---- therfore 10 x 1.6 = 16 Kilometers X 2 = 32 Kilometers...

    160 Kilometers + 32 Kilomters = 192 Kilomters to the US gallon.

    ONE US galllon = 3.78 litres.

    192 divided by 3.78 =

    3.78 - round that up to 3.8 liters

    3.8 // 192

    (long division - 4 goes into 19 - 4 times with 3 over.... 4 x 3 = 12 -- 4 x 0.8 = 3.6 added up = 3.8 x 4 = 15.6 + 3.8 = 19.4 ====== well we can be a tiny bit lazy as the figures are so close we can say that 192 (or 194Km) = 50 Km to the litre.

    Or for the pedantic - in exact figures....

    3.8 x 4 = 15.6

    -_____49.461 Km to the liter._________________
    3.8// 192
    36 remainder (so 36 / 3.8 = ) (9 x 3 = 27 + 9 x 0.8 = 7.2) ((27 + 7.2 = 34.2)
    1.8 remainder (make that 18 and divide answer by 10)
    1.56 ((18 / 3.8 = 4 = 12 + 3.6 = 15.6 / 10 = 1.56)

    :: 1.8 - 1.56 = .24

    0.24 (multiply x 100 then divide answer by100)

    24/ 3.8 = 6 x 3 = 18 + 6 x 0.8 = 4.8 ----- 18 + 4.8 = 22.8

    24 - 22.8 = 1.2 (convert by dividing by 100 - or move the decimal point 2 places to the left = 0.06


    1.2 remainder

    x 10 = 12 / 3.8 = 3 x 3 = 9 + 3 x 0.8 = 2.4 = 9 + 2.4 = 11.4

    And so on and so forth - to 0.6 = 1.8 etc., etc.. etc..

    Your not stupid - your just better at making excuses than you are are getting off your arse and making things happen.

    Funny how people like you, with MORE resources at your finger tips, to learn more about more things, than anyone has ever been able to do, in the entire history of the planet, with the internet connection in his own home, will WHINE, ***** and MOAN about how you can't do even BASIC maths, yet will make NO effort to even get off his arse to learn it.

    I can put you onto easialy 500 sites right now, to learn all the maths you want.

    And what? You can't even find one of them?

    I bet if your boss gave you a 5% pay cut, you could work that out really quickly if you wanted too...

    Like I said, you better at copping out and making weak excuses, than you are getting off your arse and making things happen.

    It's hard to stand tall on the soap box, and be counted when all you can do is whine from down inside your own septic tank.
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    You're a rude dink.Yes I understand metric, I use it, and imperial.So I understand both and you don't.Tell you what, I personally don't give a s.h.i.t. what the rest of the world does, I don't care if you don't like our system.I don't care, and your opinion means less than nothing, do you understand?
    So you stay on your little island, and I'll take my miles and miles of beautiful spacious America.
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Your 95 % figure on the worlds population is correct
    but the vast majority of posters and visitors on this
    website are living in the USA.

    Our gas pumps dispense gasoline in gallons and the
    speedometers on our cars and bikes read in miles per hour.

    There is a little magic in hitting a 100 mph or the ton.
    100 kph is empty devil spawn.........
  8. Anton

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    Actually 67% of people visiting are from the US and 33% are from the rest of the world. It's pretty easy to convert things online these days.

    Try typing in google - 100 miles/gallon in kilometers/litre
    Or for UK gallons - 100 miles/UK gallon in kilometers/litre
  9. PooPooPeeDoo

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    Ummm Australia is actually larger than the continental USA....

    Try finding it on a world map...
  10. grinningremlin

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    Funny, you assume I want to take the time to learn math, I'm sure I could learn it, and french, spanish, greek.You have an extreme superiority complex (or you're drunk).Maybe not everybody has your priorities, did you ever think of that?
    Maybe I want to try to perfect FOB, and not show off my math skills on a forum.
    PS: Your spelling is atrocious.
  11. grinningremlin

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    And in all that vast land, how much of it is inhabitable??
  12. Anton

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    This post explains it perfect. There's nothing else to debate here. If our gas pumps dispensed gallons and our speedos read miles in Australia, then I would be quoting my fuel consumption in miles per gallon instead of kilometers a litre.
  13. IbedaYank

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    well the OP's name seems to reflect his posts so far very well
    he can always start his own forum and use metric
  14. MikeJ

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    Hey Poo -

    Your ranting is falling on the wrong ears. Those voted-for people who pass laws in this country will not change the way things are until they personally benefit from it. There is no money for them to make this country go metric, speak one language, drive on the "right" side of the road, nor a lot of other "normal" things other people do. Mr Gremlin is right with his "not in your lifetime" reference.

    Later, I will ride my bike of x number of pounds (not kg), put in half gallon of gas (not 2 litres) on tires measuring 26 inches (not cm) in diameter and will ride it at 30 miles per hour (not km/hr) to a destination x miles (not km) away. There is no way those parameters will change anytime soon.

    Our time and distance system is no better than anyone else's. You keep yours and we will keep ours and we will all be happy. At least I will.
  15. Old Bob

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    But 95% of the world recognizes the US dollar and trades with it.

    Why is it when a person goes to a country they are expected to speak the native language of that country, but the US is expected to learn a foreign language?

    The United States of America is a sovereign nation.It retains the right to utilize its choice of national standards.
  16. PooPooPeeDoo

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    Uhhh well....

    Geopolitics is my forte` - that is French for area of expertise or profound interest.

    You can find French on a world map - right next to the south pole, it's just a little bit east of the USA.

    ?The US dollar is worthless, all US currency is LOANED from the US Federal Reserve, which is a private bank, which amongst it's share holders is the Queen of England.

    It generates "digital money" out of thin air, which it loans to the US govt, in excahnge for "Govt Bonds" - a note to say we will repay th edebt with interest, then the govt loans that to the banks, who loan it to other banks etc., who loan it to the people, so the people pay interest on interest, on interest...

    With this scam running, the USA is in debt to trillions and trillions, with NO WAY OUT...

    And EVERYONE knows it, but the scam keeps on happening....

    And the reason why Saddam was killed, was, not only to steal his oil, but to stop him from greating a gold based currency, which mean thatif the wolde purchased OIL in GOLD instead of digital imaginary money, the US economic system would collapse.... because the Merkins don't have enough gold to purchase the oil....

    So the Merkins went in with guns blazing to stop it.

    And the Merkins own China most of the money....

    Your not a soverign nation - your slaves to the Rothschild bank and it's war profiteers.
  17. grinningremlin

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    I have to commend you, as you are obviously more informed than I as to all this world "stuff".Sorry to jump on your previous posts, but you kind of asked for it.Though eloquently put, we that have read your posts understand your position, very clear, well argued.
    Now here are some pics of my bikes, please tell us of your bikes, and feel free to introduce yourself and post pics of your own.
    GG sun3.jpg sun1.jpg bridgestone1.jpg bridgestone2.jpg
  18. Fabian

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    Then can you please inform the American (secret service) alphabet agencies where their man (Mr Snowden) is. I am sure they will want your vast knowledge at their disposal.
  19. Saddletramp

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    All those numbers impress me. Rode Harleys all my life. Bought a Honda goldwing. Need more tools. Couch on wheels. Saw a MB, Had at have it. I open the wrong drawer sometimes, get the wrong socket. English has another value for tools. I enjoy them all. 60,000 in tools. Just to ride these silly things. Some bring their bikes to me. It's the joy, not the numbers. P.S. We have a machine shop. The owner died tho. 189 lbs, @ a flat road, with a German Shepard coming after me on a 66cc Dax 2 stroke, how much throttle should I use. Numbers are a guide not a command.
  20. grinningremlin

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    There was an inside joke at a shop I used to work at, "the more tools you have,... the more of a man you are.".Saddletramp, I have a lot of catching up to do!
    Measures, numbers, years, days, hours, metric, imperial are all a man made ideas to help us make sense of the things around us.Like religion, some think their way is the only way and lose sense of just how small and insignificant man is.I take comfort in the fact that all humans will be wiped from the earth someday, no one to remember our nonsense, no history, and all our measures will be as a fart in the wind.Wasting time on the value of different ideas, is one of the biggest crimes in my book, you're wasting what little "time" you have.To each their own.
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