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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Charles Laypool, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Charles Laypool

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    Recently i order 2 silver slant kits from kingsmotorbikes got them ontime but when i opened the kits the engine seemed....... Weird apon futher inspection i noticed the whole head and cylinder was twisted iv never seen this and both the engines were like this im sending one back but the other i already installed and is in use(praying it will hold up)
    Now my question is will thus engine live a normal life or am i going to have malfuctions down the line

    In the picture i drew lines to show the studs and crank case iv built many bikes no motor has been like this

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I wonder if it's possible that they did that on purpose. Maybe in order to twist that exhaust away from the bicycle's downtube? I guess that would make some kind of sense. But I'm not too confident in that guess.

    But I'm also thinking that that odd twist shouldn't have any real effect on operation. Unless, maybe, that cylinder is not perfectly straight. If that twist is a mistake, then a twisted cylinder seems like a possibility.

    But you've been running it, right? A twisted cylinder would probably have made itself obvious by now.
  3. Charles Laypool

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    Well it feels as if myports are not lined up powerband is eractic(motor is new tho (6 miles)

    True with the muffler its flush with the frame (y silver slant more like silver twist) but idk.... The support team at kings said they have never seen that before
  4. Charles Laypool

    Charles Laypool Active Member

    But 2 hiccups i think not
  5. crassius

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    I'd guess someone pulled or hit the intake and bent all 4 studs - should be easy to straighten them - piston will be straight in there, so ring end might snag the port someday. I certainly wouldn't run it that way.
  6. Charles Laypool

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    Ill pull apart the head on the one i have installed im just hoping the studs are bent. i have a feeling what ever machine built them mis taped the holes because both the motors are identically twisted and the kits cost 109$ each on kings usually the motor alone sells for 100$ so im paying 9 bucks for everything else? I doubt it there had to be a "twist" haha
  7. Charles Laypool

    Charles Laypool Active Member