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    I came here a few years ago for some repair advice. It was helpful and I learned a lot about how small engines work. and I had no prior experience or knowledge! My main bike has been out of commission for about 2-3 years. A magic pebble shot up my exposed exhaust pipe and destroyed - 1 in a million shot i tell ya! i mean destroyed the piston I attempted to replace the top jug like a transplant so i'll be posting on here about that soon and stuff. I've been attempting to build 2 other bikes. but my minds everywhere and my time is scattered with work. hopefully this winter I can spend some time and get everything running.

    a little bit about my life outside and after my motorbike. I'm a freelance graphic designer. I'm really into making videos and editing and all that. I'll have to post up some videos of some adventures I had on mopeds and other fun engines.

    Well i'm back in the community and I plan on being a lil more dedicated to riding in the future :evilgrin:

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    welcome back and put up some videos
    we will enjoy that.
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    Yeah! I'm pretty excited to be back. I really miss cruising around. I'll definitely put some up soon
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    Welcome back.
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    heres a vid of a moped cruise i think it was a Batavuis? if i can recall. Thats the only vid i've uploaded on my channel. The rest of the stuff i got on there is like art related stuff. but maybe i'll make a channel just for bikes. ?
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