ive been robbed!

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    you guys wont believe what happened, i came home today after work to find nearly all my stuff stolen!, luckily i had my motorized bike with me at work but they stole my xbox 360, my ipod touch 2g, my acer aspire laptop, and my white psp slim!, strangely enough they left my 1500 dollar alienware gaming pc and my 42" plasma, im guessing these items were too heavy for them to carry LOL, the cops are on the lookout, can you guys give me some tips to how i can find my items, i am already gonna tell all the pawn shops about my things

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    Dang....I forgot to load them up.....Didn't have the room anyways.

    Sorry, but a MB was the least of your problem.
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    First line was a joke.... Second..I'm sorry you got ripped off, but it would of been better loosing the bike vs everything else stolen.
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    these guys that steal

    these guys that steal
    are proven to be dumb
    ask around on the lower side of town
    offer a little reward
    50 bucks buys them a hit or two
    watch ebay and the such
  6. Check Craigslist too, and any Yahoo! groups that might cater to buying and selling stuff.
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    Just wondering, any luck yet with any of your missing stuff?