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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Peter. I'm new here. I've been checking out your message board for the past week since I just got into my first build.
    Because of this community I have learned a lot and it helped me with everything I had questions with except for one thing
    that I'm struggling with. This is a wiring question (Please know that I have looked on this forum and have not seen my wiring setup
    explained or I completely missed it for which I apologize) I have the ebay version of my engine kit. Which everyone lists as 80cc.

    My wiring;

    Engine: Black, Blue, White
    CDI: Black and Blue
    Kill Switch: Black and red

    Based on what I have seen red is ground BUT it does not have the round tip that should have screw going through it to the frame.
    it comes with a tip that fits into magneto plugs.

    Could someone please let me know which wires i should plug into what? This is the last step of my build and I don't want to mess
    anything up.

    I have attached a picture to give you general idea of what it looks like. Also please disregard how the wires are connected
    as I was just trying to match them up based on what was listed on the forum.

    Thank You in advance :cool:

    unnamed (2).jpg
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    K I found the answer for anyone else interested.



    cdi has a black wire (ground) and a blue wire (pos)
    engine has a black wire (ground) blue wire(pos)
    kill switch has 2 wires red and black

    1. connect the blue wire from engine to blue on cdi and your red wire from the kill switch all together.

    2. connect your black wire from the engine to the black wire on the cdi and the black wire from the kill switch all together.

    3. insulate all the wires.

    $. the white wire is for a 6v accessory such as a light. if you do not use the white wire make sure you cap and insulate it for if it touches the frame it could short out whole system.

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