I've been searching high & low for a picture

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bamabikeguy, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Way back when, there was a thread, that had a bike in China carrying a small refrigerator on the right hand side of the rear wheel.

    Then there were additional pictures of huge cargos carried on bikes.

    This must have been before photos were added as attachments, because I've gone all the way back in my user CP and can't find the one I thought I added, a huge load of bamboo or something like that.

    And with superslow dialup, I've dipped some toes in picture galleries, still without luck.

    If you know of an outside link that has such odd photos, I'd sure appreciate it.

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    shoot -- rings a bell
    wish I would have filed those pictures
    have seen many here which are very cool
    I am going to start saving from now on

    ride that thing
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    That second picture gives new meaning to the phrase "pigs in a blanket"...:laugh4: :piggy: :laugh4:
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    Thanks, this is a virtual e-i.o.u. , how about "all the pecans you can pick up and carry"?

    I saw they are going for $25 a pound this year, and we are having a bumper crop !

    I know exactly where THE PECANS are, but now I can't find a picture I saw of a bike pulling a fishing boat, it's in my 3 day search history somewheres....

    I did find this, inc. a bike with square wheels.

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