I've been trying to get the National coverage......


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Sep 30, 2006
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I had a feature that is hitting associated press nationwide this week, it ran in the B'ham news two days ago, and I've gotten calls from 4 states where the article ran the next day.....

It included this video, which I have YET to be able to upload and watch, everybody says it's okay. SURE WISH SOMEBODY WOULD SEND IT UP TO YOU TUBE, I am barely able to function on 30 kps, much less upload video files.


But the article, by Kim Bryan (kimbo), who I met at a bluegrass campout a few weeks ago, was pretty cool:


I am waiting to get permission to post the article in it's entirety.

Anyway, I was going to try and get all this in one posting, (when I get a few hours to do it) and get back to MB.com in a day or two.

Remember Buffy? The manager of the best bike shop I ever visited.


Paul Watson let's her do the television, I sell 3 more bikes she poses in a bikini. Wish the temp in drought country was zero.

They were featured in 2005, where the printsetter did not belive 250 mpg, did a total mess of the headline. :eek:

100 miles per gallon These bikes beat the Saudis, oil companies

My first head to head versus the Chinese. Any gamblers mungst the newbies? Time/speed/distance? Double or nothing?

When we get gambling on this damn board, we can be a sport, call ourselves athletes.

Well, glad to be back.

Now, WTFrick is a "sheave"? :???: And WTFrick are we worring about sheavebuckets?

Speak GEBElish, I left wheel and tire pix somewhere on this bulletin board. 12 gauge rear spokes, zip tied, zero broke/bent spokes.

AND, tie a LOOOONG ziptie, from the enginemount to frame, to parachute for a broken strap, one pothole and that strap is gone. Thousands of miles since, zero breaks. I carry a spare, haven't used it since the Ozark Mtns.

Zipties, the duct tape of the 21st century, when we string up bike rustlers like they do out west, the noose will be made of braided zipties.

I'm also adding a second thin spring, from the knob to the strap, to help keep the tensioner aligned. Zero jumps, zero belt mal-effect. Pix at Ten. (thats TVLish.) :cool:
Speak GEBElish. Lotsa zeros, zips and zilches. :D

Lighten up on the sensitivities, when we have jamborees we will provide boxing gloves.

And odds.

Win the money back you lost in the Natchez Trace Race. 8)
Welcome back Paul,
Been missing your posts and look forward to some more builds.
The video was one of the best I've seen and both the news articles were great. They really provided excellant commentary about the fun of the bikes and the good gas mileage.

Good job Bamabikeguy
Thx Jerry. I tell the reporters to have fun with the stories, Chris Montana even got in my pasture and did a little matadoring with Dollar Bill, the billygoat.

He may make FOXnews blooper reel.


My problem is if the FOX dealio is 5 minutes, I would never be able to download it with this peice of junk computer/modem setup I am hung with.

(As you can tell by my abrupt postings, the intense drought has everybody here on stresslevel alert code orange, corn is shriveling and cotton isn't two or three inches high).

Dennis is sending me the new 25 Zenoah setup to test and review next week, along with the Tanaka 33. I hope one of you engineer types can figure out the best way to increase fuel capacity on the 33.

The tricycle owner who put on the 35 RobinSubaru a couple of months ago called two days ago and reports that engine is working like a charm, he terrorized Tampa with it last month.

But if the Tanaka 33 works like ya'll say, I'll probably stick with it for my plumper customers.....

Anyway, I'll go take some more pix of things I've put together during the sabbatical, kinda hang out here in Rackem and let you guys handle all that introduction/pie fight referee stuff. :???: