I've broke my carb jet . its the hexagone, jet size

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    Can i buy one to replace it in napa ? What does i need to know if i buy one from the NAPA store.

    Can i try to run it with the big hole ?

    OR i need to wait 2 weeks for having a new one by the internet buying ?

  2. You wont get one at NAPA. A Mikuni jet fit in my stock carby, you can try a motorcycle dealer that sells parts.......
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    i goes into a scooter shop and he give me a smaller one but he said i need to drille the jet hole for making it bigger so what is the size i need to drill i think 0.028" will be ok but not sure I need some help please
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  4. .028 should be the stock size. Which would be a #70 drill bit from a hobby store.......
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    I had a bad day today i broke my main jet going to repaire it into a shop badluck my brother bike sprocket was not screwed ok have to return home after that im going again to the shop weve tried the #68 drill bit cause i think it was good ive tried it wasnt not good when ive tried it my brake didnt brake ok and i hit a POST . return to home after that to check the forum and ive get the good size to return to the shop to drille another one jet ewith the drill bit #70 ive got a FLATT MANNNNN DAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN . so thats a bad day for happy TIME.

    after that the jet suposed to be ok im not sure but its not like i want but ive a flat have to go home and take a rest HAHA "
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    get off that bike before you kill yourself
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    Do not do ANY DRILLING while you are pedalling -- we need all of the riders we can get... Happy Riding from - Mountainman