Ive found an engine that competes with the Chris Hill motors

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by f4lloutdiablo, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. f4lloutdiablo

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  2. arceeguy

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    I love the professional disclaimer:

    "Motorized bicycles can be hazardous to your health. All safety precaustions should be taken, such as- helmet and maintenance check prior to every ride. We are not responsible for injuries or death that occurs to you while using one of our motorized bicycles. Be careful. Drive defensively. Oh, and don't do something stupid. Also, check your local city and county ordinace to verify the proper requirements for a motorized bicycle. Then have fun, and hang the **** on. "
  3. f4lloutdiablo

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    ha yea they should just say they are not responsible for anything you do and be safe
  4. clay

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    what a bunch of B.S.
  5. fetor56

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    They look & sound better than most other vendors....perhaps one day someone will test them & post a review.
  6. spad4me

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    Chris Hill actually uses Better parts in his stuff.
    Good quality Bearings and stuff.
    Then there is Maniac Mechanic Who re enginers China Girl engines , and who may produce a supercharged happy time ,
    Applying a coating of paint to an engine is not competing with Chris Hill .
    I also await any review.
  7. Parah_Salin

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    so eh...whats it cost? and whats the horsepower? I mean thats cool and all, but numbers, numbers.
  8. HoughMade

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    The engine kit is $445. Horsepower? Don't know. Doesn't look like the site is quite completed yet.
  9. loquin

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    He wants $225 for his motor mounts as spare parts.
  10. Parah_Salin

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    you could get a maroni engine for that price...
  11. fm2200

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    hey arceeguy, that post sounds more like a public service announcement more than anything else. Your message is true but somewhat out of context with this particular thread. what's the deal?
  12. fm2200

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    sorry arceeguy you were goofing on the Strider statement on there web site ooppps
  13. arceeguy

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    My point was that if their disclaimer was so poorly and unprofessionally put together, their engines are somewhat suspect.

    Now that we know the price, well - hooooooly sheeeeeeet! For that kind of money, I want a billet CNC machined crankcase, nikasil plated alloy cylinder, and genuine dellorto carburetor!
  14. Bryan Smith

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    I Kinda like the look of their gas tanks but I don't think it's worth the $350 for that much style. I could get a motorcycle tank from ebay for far less.
  15. MikeJ

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    They claim "Our motorized bicycles have exceeded 70 MPH with this engine, but we list our showroom models at 50 MPH."

    That is bragging pretty hard for an 80 cc engine that looks like a cheap Chinese engine. I am skeptical, so I need to see a video showing the drivetrain, and a bicycle with rider actually in motion on a public road breaking through the 50 mph (not kph) claim, and hold it there for a minimum of two minutes.

    I will remain a disbeliver until I see undisputable proof.
  16. arceeguy

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    Dang! My old '72 Honda CB175 could barely hit 70 downhill with a tailwind. These engines must be something special to hit 70 with a one speed gearbox! :jester:
  17. azbill

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    I saw mine do 70 backwards once !!!
    it was in the pickup bed going to the deathrace LOL
  18. Hawaii_Ed

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    Ah, but he does sell a bling-bling bracelet!
  19. birdmannn101

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    I have know Chris Hill for some time now and run his CH80 engine which has been reliable as ****. I would buy my next engine off Chris because he cares about what he sells. By Far, Chris Hill's engines are the BEST...Dan


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  20. CroMagnum

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    I don't think anyone is going to buy their next engine off Chris. The striderrides.com domain is dead, but you can get the rest of the story from http://chrishill.myknet.org/

    Your tax dollars at work.