ive gone done the evilest thing possible

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Josh Moon, Nov 23, 2012.

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    you know how ever one hates the CNS carbs that come with the two stroke kits now? well, i made one work on my HS49. Why? because i got bored lol. to see if it can be done, and to see how well it would work with a much larger carb than stock. took a while to get the jetting right, but she runs like a champ now. pulls super hard and it is easy to over rev the motor now.
    before any one bashes on the gasket, it is cut from epdm gasket material i got from work, it is impervious to just about everything, including gas.

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    does it make it any faster?
    Me really like
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    doesnt increase the top speed, im limited at the redline of this motor, but it does give a nice boost to the mid range power, and its easy to over rev the motor now. wish they made billet rods and flywheels for these motors
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    Good looking mill.