I've got the motorbike bug!

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    I stumbled onto these motorbikes via a friend and have become totally obsessed with them. They remind me of an old Indian motorcycle I used to ride as a kid. Needless to say I have been reading about them non stop for days trying to wrap my head around what i want to get. I am mechanically inclined and have just about as much fun tinkering on things as I do using them.

    First off, I need a bike. I am considering the 26" Micargi Rover GX or the Felt Red Baron. Do you as experienced users of these recommend one over the other? I will most likely sand it down and have the frame powder coated so color is not really an issue.

    I am fuzzy on gearing. Do I want a single speed or multi speed? I always had trouble with multi speed bicycles a long time ago. I need to do some more reading on this subject. It's also been a looong time since i disassembled a bicycle and forget how the rear hubs work and function. Can you take a Rover 7 speed speed and turn it into a single speed bike??

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    I also have a few friends who build custom motorcycles so i have access to some nice welding equipment. I want to build a custom gas tank, and a custom exhaust pipe that works with the lines of the bike. I've also seen a few nice custom chain tension setups on this site that i would like to experiment with. I think i can fabricate a better motor mount system too but I need to order some parts and start tinkering. These things are so cool, i can't wait to get started. Just need to research some more so that i don't spend money on things i don't need.
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    Well, you sure are cranked up, there is a lot of thinking to do so read a lot here.

    Lots of derailer drives are using the SBP shift kits, lots of single speeds.

    My input is to have 2 good working brakes as an absolute must.
    I like: suspension seat posts, suspension forks, full suspension (difficult to do), big comfy seats, rear racks (with a milk crate basket), belt drives and 4 strokes.

    If you do a 2 stroke china kit (very popular)- do not over rev it and re-assemble it to the instructions you will find here ( I think Al Fishman has a post on it).
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    I'm partial to the (HT) China 2 cycle.. 1) I like the way they look when mounted. 2) Simplicity working on them. 3) Cost effective. I feel that if one spends a little more time on them, before installing (link in my signature), one will have many hours/miles of time enjoying them. I'm running (not a daily commuter) the same engine I mounted in 3/2009. Have built 5 bikes, and have had 2 minor problems that were manufacture related, and one due to defective (OEM) parts.
    1) Defective magneto within 3 days ($10.00)
    2) Blown head gasket (before I did the mods), and replacement head gasket was cut wrong. trashing the top end. ($40.00)
    3) Recently, a broken ring. ($40.00)
    All in 5 engines in 3 years, not bad.
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    Yeah, there is lots of good info here from many people. I will take my time and make sure it's well put together. I'm going to go with the GRUBEE 2011 SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc. I like the looks of the 2 strokes but understand reliability is better with the 4 strokes. I think it's great that a blown engine costs almost nothing to fix. I just spent 6K on a new car engine so these small engines are a breath of fresh air. It's gonna be a daily work commuter. It will see about 6 miles both ways on mostly country roads. Figured it would save a lot of gas money, put less miles on that new engine i spoke of earlier, and look super cool to boot. I may order a bike this week. I decided on the Micargi Rover GX. I would like to get some sort of front suspension however. Time to do more reading....
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    The motorbike bug is as tough to get rid of as chiggers. Some Micargi frames have cracked when using a China girl. A pre-2000 schwinn or other cruiser will be less likely to crack. Engines are pretty much personal preference.
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    Do they always crack in the same spot? IF so, perhaps i can reinforce it during the build
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    Frame cracks are usually on downtube welds and sometimes rear dropouts. If you already have a Micargi, inspect your frame regularly to catch problems in their infancy, when they are repairable.
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    Ok, bike has been ordered and is on it's way in a FedEx truck somewhere across the country. I went with the Micargi Rover. I know it's cheap and may break in the long run, but I only weigh 150 lbs so I'm guessing my smallness will be a huge benefit when it comes to breaking rims, blowing overstressed engines and the like. I'll use it until I feel i want to upgrade and get the hang of things to see if this is a hobby i will want to stick with.
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    Now, I'm looking at engines. I like Rock Solid Engines in Australia. Looks like they build them right...but you pay for it. Should i go with a nicely built engine from Rock Solid or just get any ole China girl and take all the steps to build it right suggested here on the forum? My mechanical skills are moderate to advanced with most things...except engine building. I'm kind of leaning twards getting one already built and ready to roll so to speak. Suggestions from the MB masters??
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    I like the most expensive engine kit they have! (don't we all!) I like that it has a Dellorto carb. I have experience with Dellorto and they are QUALITY. No fiddling or fussing. Right out of the box performance.
    70cc HP Stage 3 Engine Kit Price: $575.00
    Dellorto type flat slide racing carburettor, Accelerator cable to suite, MSD terminal, lead & boot, Billett Aluminium Performance cylinder head, Ceramic Coated piston & S01 treatment to piston skirt, Billet perfomance manifold. All bolts are replaced using high tensile Allen key type, Loctite 243 thread locker, Inlet manifold porting, Exhaust & inlet split duration modifications, Carburettor idle screw adjusted, Carburettor fitted to manifold, Clutch adjusted to ensure right setting, Individually stamped identification with engine builder & numbered for ID.

    Engine kit: comes complete with

    415 chain
    Penrite running in oil 200ml
    Chain clip
    Clutch cable
    Aluminium clutch handle with clutch locking pin
    Throttle cable
    Twist grip throttle mechanism with kill switch
    200ml running in oil
    CDI ignition box
    MSD 8.5mm lead
    MSD 90 degree boot
    MSD triple insulated terminal
    NGK spark plug
    Roller bearing chain tensioner (chrome plate)
    Sprocket wheel installation kit with high tensile Allen key bolts & Nylon lock nut bolts
    Chrome plate 44 tooth rear wheel sprocket
    Silver 2lt fuel tank
    Kartech fuel line
    Fuel pet cock
    Fuel filter with magnetic disk
    Engine mounting brackets including high tensile Allen key bolts & Nylon lock nut bolts
    Dellorto type flat slide carburettor & round air filter
    Y ties with stainless steel locking pins
    Electrical scotch clips
    Wiring crimp connectors
    Chrome plate exhaust which has been modified & match ported
    Exhaust gasket 3mm Graph Foil
    CNC cut 1.5mm Inlet gasket
    Exhaust mounting bracket
    Large round tube engine adaptor
    Silver chain guard
    Screw tool
    Comprehensive fitting instructions

    $575.00 + Freight