I've got to say Bikeberry is ridicules

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by richirich1113, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. richirich1113

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    After 9 days of not recieving my order, i got to there web site to check on the status and i see that it is still pending. What the **** i thought. So i called them. i asked the guy why my order has not shipped? after about 10 minutes on hold he comes back and tells me its in the wharehouse and will be shipped today. So im like ok, now one more question, why is it saying its going to be shipped fed ex when i checked the usps for shipping. He told me that he was not sure but fed ex was like $4 more but as a special today that he was going to waive that fee for me. You gotta be kiddding.. He tells me that if i want it to go fed ex it would be shipped that day or idf i wanted the usps still it would not go out till the next day so i tell him ship it fed ex. 2 hours latter i get a "Your item shipped" email it says it is shipped usps.So thats 1 more day and another 3 days for usps. So if it actually comes when they say, thats 13 days for a cutch handle and cable.
    I have ordered parts from SBP, JNMotors, Piston bikes, bicycleengines.com, manic mechanic and they have all arrived on average in 3 days.
    I will never buy parts from them again. You experience with them mite be different.
    Post if you have had similar problems with them, im sure i am not the only one.

    The most ridicules part being the guy telling me as a" special ",he was not going to charge me extra money for shipping. That would have brought it to $17 for $19 in parts.
    Bikeberry is done in my eyes..

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    It seems more and more that companies are not about selling parts, they are in the shipping business. Myself, I'm concerned about OUR members, and don't rape you all with shipping when buying from me. Secondly, shipment time is BS. It shouldn't take more then a couple (2 or 3) of days to get the item out the door. It isn't like they are (and I'm pretty sure) shipping hundreds of items out every day. Most of these companies are not in a brick and stone store and their overhead is low. Look at the kits... they are pre package from China, (pull it off a pallet), and all one needs to do is PRINT a shipping label, stick it on the box, and have it ready for pick up. How easy is that? Lets see..all in less then 1/2 hour.
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    I agree...drop & ship, drop & ship...it's an easy process.
    Especially when you are not selling 200 items a day.
    Whenever i sell something (on e-bay) I ship it the same day if the timing is right, or the first thing the following morning.
    For me, there's packing involved, making a lable, and getting the item(s) to the post office, ups or fed ex.
    With these engine kits, all they have to do is print a lable, slap it on the box and have it picked up by ups (or whomever).
    They have no packing involved and no trasportation to the shipper (unless they are REALLY low budget).
    anything over 3 days to ship an item is rediculous, there's no excuse but laziness for that.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    Heck, most of the time if a order is early enough I don't even have to go to the Post Office. My mail lady picks them up out of my mailbox. She returns the next day with both my change and a Postal receipt. I have international custom forms and insurance receipts at home. And to think I make each item as they are ordered, package, and mailed with a 100% shipping rate within 24 hours, if not (which I haven't had to do), I contact my customer within 2 hours if a delay is warranted (ie.. out of stock materials). Oh and to add a 100% guarantee refund..with no questions asked.
  5. richirich1113

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    This is why i've got to put Bikeberry out on **** street. The public should be aware of a company that is just a waist of time. We put alot of time and money into our bikes and its our money that keep these businesses in business. The incompetence of Bikeberry is outstanding.