I've made my decisions! First-build it is!

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    [If you were my A.W.O.L. wife, you'd understand how big a road-marker this is!]

    After selling myself on going "friction drive" I read about all the complaints about slippage, tire wear, and folks later "upgrading" to chain-drive. The clincher was when I realized that I'd never be able to use studded-tires. End.

    Next, I still doubted in my current ['06] wobbly, 20" Downtube FS fold-up that is being upgraded from a 7 to a 27-spd.[for pedaling up many hills.] I reasoned it couldn't take the extra weight/force/abuse/etc. of becoming motorized [The main "wobbly" seems to be the front fork/handlebars.]

    So, a new Schwinn Meridian next seemed the likely victim to wear my first motor. As I explored the world of trikes, I realized they had their own many drawbacks. First and foremost is the turning issue. I take blood thinners so I can't afford to be toppling-over every time I have to make a quick turn to avoid a collision! [I'm used to making evasive maneuvers on a two-wheeler. Turning there isn't an issue unless I'm on sand/gravel/or ice.]

    Then, an honest retailer from Gomier Bikes of Canada informed me that dual-wheel-drive-axle-driven bikes tend to want to go straight forward like old ATVs. I had no experience with old ATVs but when he mentioned "no differential" -- "BINGO" -- the lights went on! I was seriously ready to buy a 6-speed Gomier when I realized how poor the components were compared to those I'd just upgraded on my fold-up, 2-wheeler. Why should I spend $600. to motorize a $300 trike that doesn't turn well, flips-over easily unless you slow WAY DOWN, and settle for cheap hardware when I want to pedal hills?

    The clincher here was discovering kits being available to make any two-wheeler into a trike. This helped me realize just how low-quality the components were I was willing to pay big $$ for just to get a pre-assembled trike. So, a brief moment of considering making MY two-wheeler into a trike immediately collapsed over the fore-mentioned drawbacks.

    I vaguely-remembered seeing the rack-mounted, transmission driven kits at Staton. After reading an article on the variety of methods of gearing engines down to workable rpms, I realized Dave Staton's 18.75:1 transmission was what I needed -- mounted on the frame I already own!

    Now, I'd visited the local mower repair shop and had learned that they would only work on Honda engines [if needed]. "NO Subarus!"

    So, I've ordered the Honda 35 cc rack kit with a new, stronger [36-vs.-28-spoke] rear wheel incorporating the dual freewheel hub and will be watching for the FedEx deliverer to arrive.

    I've chosen the 22-tooth freewheel and a 16-tooth drive gear combo. Hopefully, this will propel my #250 frame up our near-30-degree hills at walking-speed-or-better, plus give me 15-20 mph. on the levels. Again, with my medical concerns that's all the speed I can live with: literally.

    Now, hope I still want to pedal to get the exercise I need! Having the motor to assist on the home-ride may help. I commute about 14 mi. daily to work. I'm hoping this will be my "regular ride" for years to come!