I've never seen a motoredbike like this. [Motorella]


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Apr 24, 2007
Coventry, RI

I went to this dudes house, and took a look. he said he had a motoredbike for sale. the top-end was gone. the motor has a pull-start. its mounted right up front. you can see the drivetrain has another chain going from bike cranks to motor. all the stickers on bike and motor said was 'Motorella'. i google'd that, but couldnt find anything that was it. the drivetrain cover said 'made in Brazil'.
anyone know WTF this is?

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Neat. It looks like its designed from the ground up to be motored. Did you notice if it had a crank freewheel?

I like the tank/rack.
Neat. It looks like its designed from the ground up to be motored. Did you notice if it had a crank freewheel?


no, i didnt notice. grrr...didnt 'mess' with it at all, and neither did the guy that has it. said it was in a shed when he bought the house. and yes, it was obvious the bike was built with the motor.
YEA! I found it! What do I get? What do I get? I wonder if you can get parts....

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Brazilian made Motorella motorized bicycle, (bike with motor). These are very common in South America and are made by a company called Micro Machine. Variations of this bike are used by the Brazilian post office for mail delivery. This bike hasn't seen much use and motor runs well. The 2 stroke engine is quite powerful and is started by recoil starter. It uses 50:1 premix in a rear carrier mounted fuel tank that lasts for ages. It has a centrifugal clutch and only one speed. It has a set of bicycle pedals and can be ridden as a pedal bike. No lights and the brakes are bicycle type and quite adequate. I doubt if I have ridden it a total of 50 miles since new. No registration is required to the best of my knowledge. Great bike for hacking around the neighborhood or the back forty! Bike is in Houston, Texas and is pick-up or delivery only in Houston. Can be seen on the web: www.micromachine.com.br/motorella.htm

Here's another site:

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Goggled "motorella bike" and got this,,,
Which included a short article on the bikes which lead me to search this,,,
Micro Machine motorized bike
which lead me here,,,
http://www.totalmotorcycle.com/compendium/M.htm (scroll down to the listing by name.
Micro-Machine Brazil, they make a motorized bicycle and a small scooter called the Walk Machine with a 37 cc motor
Which lead me here,,,,,
ITS THERE !!! Look at the pic's.

Hope this helps


ps,,,, my google works better than yours,,,,,LOL
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HAHA! I beat you to it!

It's actually a pretty shweet looking bike. I wonder if it's worth fixing up. I can't seem to find a parts locator,just dealers for the whole bike.
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pretty quick on the 'google draw' there LF :LOL:
a pretty cool lookin beast...
even better if you could get it running again !
Just visually it looks like it would bolt right up if the bolts are lined up right. Then maybe with a little tweaking the happy time muffler would work if just bent straight down.
But the claimed 50:1 ratio means the original jug must have been of a better quality,but still. If the happy time bolts and if by some miracle the stroke is the same up it would most definetly work as long as the electricals are okay.
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