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  1. MaxGlide

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    HI Everyone,

    Just putting the Whizzer back together and bought handle bars that are longer and I need to cut some off.

    My questions pertains to how far one need to push in the J motor, twist grip throttles?

    When you push the throttle on to the handlebar, there seems to be a natural stopping point only about 2-3 inches into the grip and the twist grips turn easily.

    I can actually push the twist grips all the way in until the handlebar seats completely against the back of the grip but then they are really hard to turn.

    Anyone know which is the proper way. The first seems the best fit but there is only about 2 inches of bar to take the weight/torque of the grip.

    Thanks for any help.


  2. whizzer48

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    I would make it fit the whole handlebar in case the bike get knock over.

    Also I would lube the handlebar so it can move freely.
  3. KilroyCD

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    As Quenton has restored and/or worked on many vintage Whizzers, he should have the definitive answer. Hopefully he'll weigh in on this soon.
  4. KilroyCD

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    I spoke with Quenton this evening, and the throttle assembly does need to slide onto the bar all the way to the end. If left unsupported , it will likely break as it's hard plastic underneath. You may want to check to make sure the end of the bar is not rough from cutting the bar. You may also want to move the assembly back 1/8" from the end so the end of the bar isn't binding on the end of the grip.
  5. MaxGlide

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    That's the trick!

    Thanks so much Kilroy! I think that may have been the problem, I was jamming the grips all the way in and they were binding on the ends.

    I'll make sure put some grease on it too. As usual, you guys come thru!

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