J twist grip throttle.

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    When assembling and putting the cable into the "drive pin" for lack of discription, I did it with the hole forward, bringing the cable in from the top and out the bottom. No matter how much I fuch with it, it does not want to close the throttle well. It gets sticky and you have to twist hard.
    Now I'm wondering if maybe it was meant to come in under the drive pin, with the hole to the back, up through, and then bent back.

    Is there a regular hardware source for the wire, or do I go down to the Napa store for another manual choke kit, like I'm using now?

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    This is about the best info i could find Mike, hope it helps.
    For the wire, maybe a lawn mower shop.


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    Thanks Ray, your pics were much better than the copy I have.
    Yet, they really don't show, or suggest how to do it at the throttle.
    So, this after noon I decided to just give it a try the other way. I think I got caught up with the "bend 90', down through, and bend again" that the manual shows with the carb and compression release, that I just did it that way first with the hand throttle. I had a little extra wire, so I took it apart, cut off the Z, and did it the opposite way.
    Bend the 90 up, slide it through the hole from the bottom, with the drive pin forward, hole to the back, and then finished the Z.
    Works so much better, without the stickiness I had as I tried to close the throttle.
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    I have the twist grips on my sportsman and they work ok, the throttle one sometime seems a little loose, lets off the gas.

    my other ones have the thumb control, i kinda like them alittle better.

    glad to see your getting your rider going, when you get time maybe post us some pics.

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    I have both types & like the thumb control better.
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    I'll try to post some pics soon. Right now I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see what the living room looks like. The bike is the one that chainmaker was working on. I bought it 8/8 and there are pics of it in the FS that date. He was doing a BTR theme. When I got it I found my 69yo, 6'3" bod wasn't going to like it. I turned the bars around, and I've installed a set of chrome Worksman rims with front drum. Totally changed it, and some will say "not for the better". It's kinda '47 Harley, 45 flathead bobber looking right now. There are no other Whizzer owners within hours, so I may keep it "a little bobber" and park it with the big dogs at the local shows.
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    The Living rm, Lucky!!! they barely let me in the living rm.

    I like it already!

    Thanks Ray