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    I live in South Florida. I just put together a SkyHawk Gt5 66cc on a 30 year old Schwinn Beach Cruiser that I bought new when I was 18. It goes much faster now. It goes pretty fast right now, but I think it will go fast enough to really scare me when I get the carburator issue resolved.

    By day, I'm a computer geek managing 2500 computers. By night, I try to stay away from them unless I have to look something up about fishing and now trying to find out information about making my bike ride without the chain slinging or gas dumping from the carburator.

    I started this project so my 15 year old son and I could build it together. He is stoked as well as I that we even got it running although, I am very mechanically inclined and have worked in the aviation industry on helicopters, machine shop, sheetmetal mechanic....

    I hope to have a lot of fun with this and maybe it will keep me away from the sofa. So far, it has done both.