Jack Shaft installation and review

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    This Jack Shaft mount did fight off assembly for an hour or two I took extra time to decide placing it into a vice to correct alignment of the two bears which are place but are noted to be bearing a load due the centers were .030 or so off .
    Well it's assembled next step is loading it the engine on this will mount tight to the mount without a spacer no washers
    and it had shaved to fit tightly. OK theory is not rubber bushing against the steel frame but the tires all epoxy locked to follow. Yeah peen the ends with a hammer to prevent possible loss of sprockets at the ends. Seems it's taking forever to get this far lucky not to blow a fuse yet..[​IMG]

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    Stalled off for yet one more minuet..

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    Looks like you're ready to ride.
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    Hope to soon

    Have a few hours of detailing some of the bolt on's this project has been much more demanding than I'd expected this far
    just finished 16 groups rough diamond epoxy set in channel created with a drill bit ~3-8 mm diameter one side of rear wheel.Using coin silver one side rubber opposite for now hope it works and it's enough per wheel w/sidepull's..Can you see them ? they are slightly larger than the head of a pin but will likely work better than anything known to be better with some luck..
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    Perhaps you will remember how demanding building quality bikes, especially shifters is before slamming the hell out of a builder in his own photo gallery topic next time.
    That was Tacky.

    So are you going to upload some detail pics of your work, or just your pretty laundry room with backlight?
    I for one would really like to see some detail pics of your jackshaft job shot with a neutral background.