jacking up hoot gear boxes

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    I have a great way to toughen up the gears in your hoot gear box. you are going to need a bag of charcoal,bone meal from health food store, coffee can, tub of water, campfire, file from home depot,and a blow torch.

    remove all gears from your hoot gearbox with a gear puller, grind up 20 bricks of charcoal, and 50 tablets of bone meal put this charcoal and gears into the coffee can cover top with a rock, make campfire around can, so that the carbon will infuse into the steel, the temperature must be maintained above red heat for greater than an hour. take coffee can and dump gears and charcoal into water. after the gears have cooled polish the face of the gear so you can see white metal. use the blow torch to heat each gear until the color of the polish face turns a color that is like week old urine color do not let it turn blue keep at temperature for 10 minutes. let air cool. you are hardening with the water dup and drawing a temper with the brown yellow on the gears.

    the biggest problem of the hoot boxes is that the gears are not tempered correctly. you are changing the steel and drawing the correct temper.

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    Blacksmithing old school- I love it! :grin:
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    You said the gears arn't tempered correctly from new.....difficult(but not unreasonable) to believe.
    Have u tried your method & is there any way of telling the gears are NOW tempered correctly?
    Please post any pics if u have them.
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    3i don't feel like posting pics but i posted this method above since few have access to ceramic blanket. i used a blow torch only and no packing. The way you can tell i think is to slam these gears with a sledge hammer. I have two teeth break of the gear. before
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    Neat tip. Wish I had a Hoot to try it on.
  6. Hoot?

    Hi If you need one, I have a used on (clutch bell shot) and a couple bnew ones, PM me,
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    Get back to ya in a week......waiting for the urine to age. :grin:
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    You want me to e-mail a pic? I got a whole Howard Hughes thing going on over here.
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    Worked in the heat treating dept of a factory in a previous life. Did a fair amount of what is being described, only we generally used an oil quench to harden and then draw back. To check for hardness we used a rockwell machine...usually C scale. Judging by the tempering color it sounds like we are shooting for about a 52-53 on the C scale....kind of like spring steel. A shortcut I used when I had to do sampling was to drop a part on a concrete floor.If it had a bell like ring to it, it was near Rc 50 or higher. If it had a duller thud sound it was too soft, and if it shattered...oh well. Not very scientific, but surprisingly accurate.