Jacking up motor kit prices

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    Was looking to buy another Grubee 66cc black finish motor kit from Kingsmotorbikes.com. I paid $149 before tax in Sept.09, and now they are $199:veryangry: I do like my grubee it starts quick, easy and has been dependable.

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    Supply and demand

    Well it probably simply comes down to supply and demand. (plus the price of the kit may have increased at the wholesale level due to the increased costs) I don't believe any dealer would gouge the market because a competitor would soon step in and take his customers with a better price (and maybe better customer service):cool2:
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    There is a long topic about price increases and the HT motor here

    But I am a Grubee fan too and noticed the price increase myself.
    I e-mailed gasbikes.net about it but no reply yet.

    I also e-mailed Don Grube, it is his import business that owns and handles the Grubee motor kits and asked him this:

    From: KC@vales.com
    To: dongrube@hotmail.com
    Subject: EPA 2010 mandates and Chinese motors
    Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 11:45:42 -0700

    Hey Don,
    What's up with the EPA and the Chinese motors like your Skyhawk brand?

    I just started a motorized bike business but not going to peruse it if all that's left is overpriced "already in the US" stock.

    Assuming all the hype is nothing but hype to inflate prices then I have another question.

    (other stuff regarding the mounting kit stuff)

    Let me know,
    KC Vale
    12624 N. 48th Dr.
    Glendale, AZ 85304

    Don relied with this:

    Hi KC;

    In 2009 EPA as you know changed the rules for 2010. In co-operation with www.GasBike.net we were just now able to receive EPA 2010 certification. It took from Oct 2009 to April 5 2010 to get it. The USA importer must now be part of the EPA certification as well as the China factory. Starting in 45 to 60 days days we will have our first 2010 USA shipment on the water. Prices will of course climb due to EPA wanting an entirely different carb. and muffler modification with an air shield. No Hype.

    GASBIKE has the USA exclusive with Skyhawk 2 cycle in 2010.

    Cheers from China; www.grubeeinc.com
    Don and Angel;
    Remember: Living a compelling life style doesn't have to be complicated, it just has to be organized.

    So there you have it second hand straight from the horses mouth.
    A new carb and tail-pipe, plus adding the importer in to meet 2010 EPA requirements.
    That means a factory change and 3rd party involvement, so the price will go up, but apparently our motors won't become extinct here.

    Who knows, maybe with 2010 EPA certification California and some other states will allow them now.
    That would be a boon for us in the long run when the factory gets up speed to meet a bigger demand.

    In the mean time it does seem gasbike.net is gouging what stock it has left.
    It also means your existing MB just went up a bunch in value ;-}
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    Supply and demand

    Ya, i understand this and most prices seem to go up. employees get raises and supplies go up and companies need to make a profit. I just wanted others to know what i found. pistonbikes.com has the 66cc Grubee in black finish for $149 so if or when i buy another kit it may come from there and not kingsmotorbikes.com
  5. Lazieboy

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    $199 for same kit threw kingsmotorbikes
  6. The prices go up on most sites during the warm months and go back down near winter.
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    Supply And Demand

    The end consumer always ends up picking up the slack for somebody's else's mistake. Have you all noticed a price increase in gasoline since the fire on the gulf rig ? Yesterday I noticed prices everywhere in my town, they were up about $00.23 per gallon over night. Tell me we don't pay. And look at the price gauging the oil companies did to us after hurricane Katrina ! It's not just oil companies these days. It's pretty much everything. The world we live in these day ! All about the almighty dollar !
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    Regarding supply and demand

    It is true that the Motored Bike season peaks in summer and kit prices should reflect that and any maufacuring changes to make the kits more favorable to the EPA and CARB (Calif. Air Resources Board). Beyond that is just taking advantage of the consumer.:grin5:
    That is what the oil companies are doing to us. The price of gas went up so high, nobody bought it and the refineries were faced with a delimma, lower the price of gas or re-refine the fuel at an additional cost. (modern gas formulations only last a max of 30-to 60 days) :devilish:
    My answer to this problem is very simple, everone should ride their bikes to work if possible and the oil companies can eat their own gas !!!:jester: