jackshaft and dog clutch

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by sir john, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. sir john

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    I have a 4hp Honda with a centrifugal clutch to a 16mm diameter jackshaft question is will this bend ?do I need a 19mm shaft?
    Also on first start up the engine likes to rev its **** off is there a simple way to disengage the drive for a minute to warm it up? I am thinking about maybe a v belt and pulley from the jackshaft to axle and a idler wheel clutch?
    What do you reckon dudes ???
    Its a push trailer btw see my other thread

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Maybe you can disconnect the fast idle choke and/or lower the idle.
  3. sir john

    sir john New Member

    Cheers dude but I can't make the little bigger start without it
    I have decided to go for pulley and belt drive from jackshaft to axle and use an idler tensioner to disconnec the drive. cast iron pulleys and taperlocks to the shafts
  4. IbedaYank

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    make a stand so the wheel does not touch the ground for warm up
  5. HeadSmess

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    16mm or 19mm shaft...thats dependent on where the bearings are located. up close, both sides...16 is fine. its all on how well things are supported.

    not too sure how i feel about 16mm taperlocks but... a key is a lot more solid. maybe you can insert a sheer pin between pulleys, if the shaft is set up in such a way? im assuming your driving from one pulley to the other via the 16mm shaft. if pulleys are side by side with nothing in between...id bolt/ pin them together, take the torque load off the shaft.

    you already got the clutch sorted, as a later alternative id suggest something like the cone clutch from a vintage reel mower... set it up so its always engaged, just stand on the lever/ lock it off for starting... centrifugal takes over once warm? ja?

    a different carb without the hi speed choke?


    be careful spinning (cheap) cast iron pulleys too fast!