jackshaft kit,will it fit this bike?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by ausie bike, May 20, 2011.

  1. ausie bike

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    hi i want to put a jackshaft kit on my bike,its a 20"frame and im not sure if it will fit.






  2. Skyliner70cc

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    my shifter bike engines sit higher in the frame than a non-shifter kit motor. i'm not sure but it looks like your middle frame bars may be problematic with carb clearance.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    You must:
    1. be an experienced bicycle mechanic
    2. be an experienced motored bicycle mechanic
    3. have a typical Chinese 2 stroke bicycle engine kit, displacement doesn't matter
    4. have a standard square-taper 3 piece bottom bracket, conversion kits are available on our
    5. have a chromoly or quick release rear axle, standard steel axles will bend
    6. have a typical mountain bike V-frame, but will also work on most "cruiser" style frames
    7. have no greater than a 1 1/4" seat tube, if it is larger than 1 1/8" please specify during order
    8. have more than 1 1/2" clearance from the back of the seat tube to your rear tire
    9. have a quality rear derailleur, internal hub shifter or NuVinci hub

    I also think the air filter might not have enough clearance. It will be very close if you have to raise the engine at all. Nice looking engine fit, but if the engine has to be lifted a custom front mount might be needed.
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  4. rustycase

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    SURE you can fit a jackshaft in there with some spiffy fab work and welding!

    DO it!