jacky lee in vendor area???

he likey very much sell whole container to po unsuspecting person..yes?
you can hear the chinese in his typing lol...
yep definetely! its funny how accents come through in their typing, for someone reason I always read the aussie ones in my head with an accent lol. But seriously though I think that is very close to the line, however it has gained a lot of interest.
So, I take it nobody else asked that guy for a price for one, eh??

I did... and here's what he said:

Jacky Lee said:
Dear Jason

Thanks for your mail , sorry for my late response .because we are so busy this time ,so i am not log on my mail box .

about just send one gasoline bicycle ,the shipping and custome documents fee and the bicycle price etc , the final price is about 460$

if you want buy 20pcs the each bicycle final price less than 330$,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon !