jag at target $129 on sale

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    well the title says it all .I got mine today ,cant wait for the build,pics soon:evilgrin:

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    All Jaguars are 7 speed, correct?

    Because one of my customers came by and said he saw 4 Schwinn Pointe Beaches at Wal Mart for $179, and they had been as low as $99 early last year. And I liked working on the Jag better than the PtBch.

    Target is an hour away, but that IS a good price......grabbing up a lot of these Jaguar bargains for our future use might be a profitable idea.
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    yes they are 7 speeds. and they really look good with a china motor on em
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    Just finished a Jaguar build yesterday, for a forum member down in Oxford AL who has been reading the posts. I built 3 last year, and for some reason never took a picture !!

    He picked it up at Target, along with a trailer he plans on pulling, he chose the Robin Subaru 4 stroke to locomote it.

    While it fresh on my mind, some observations:

    This is the most economical bike to GEBEify, the frame on the back has plenty of clearance for the spoke ring, no need to crimp it.

    It was the second application of the Weinmann SX7 alloy wheel, mentioned in another thread, another perfectly round snap-on, no tension lever bounce.


    The handlebars are the widest available, wider even than my personal Sun Retro 7, really easy to steer with one hand.

    A few simple modifications can make it into a comfortable cruiser. There are no pre-drilled holes for a bottle carrier on the seat post tube, so that has to be zip-tied on, but most folks add big baskets, which give plenty of space for extra bottle carriers.

    Of course, a wider saddle and shock absorber seat post is desirable. A quick release is a small item that could be added.

    Jaguars don't have fenders, but the holes are there, that's a $4 item. Small saddle bag set-ups behind the seat perform the same water deflection as a fender, by the way.

    I'd put on gel grips or foam grips eventually, especially before long distance travel.

    It has the puncture proofing set up I always use, tubes/liners/tape, which makes for that nice, heavyweight 2.25" stable handling on the road.

    Of all the budget bikes at the big box stores, this is my favorite.

    It's raining cats and donkeys, when it clears up I'll post pix.
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    (tornado siren blaring in the background)

    Too rainy to get any break-in miles on the bike this morning, but I read a thread this morning about somebody's front strap failing, need to reinforce the suggestion, to drill a hole, and double zip-tie the strap to the frame.

    You are going to hit rough roads, at full speed, this .10 cent fix might save a life (as in yours). Plus, it is an easy spot to thread/tie the kill switch wire, get it aiming straight toward the handlebars.

    Also, put a piece of duct tape on the underside of the cover, that will help keep it from cracking at the first pot-hole you meet.

    I forgot to mention, the thin black Schwinn kickstand is a goner, you need one of these $7 types at a minimum.

    In that last picture, #5 what I was aiming at was that space below the top bar. (thats the tube pulled out of one of the tires, before punctureproofing. I usually toss the tubes on the trash-heap too, but this Schwinn had a different type, worth saving as Jimmy's spare)..

    That space is a GREAT place to stash your road tool kit, and having 2 tubes, like my Red Cruiser has, you can tie all sorts of things under there, tent stuff or rain stuff, or just plain stuff.

    (When Sun changed their design on the Retro 7/Cruz to a single tube in 2008, I was not impressed.)

    Jimmy plans on doing some long distance traveling, so I think this is a good cruiser to start out with.

    (Guarantee you that saddle is replaced in a week, however !! Ouch !! ).

    I think I'm correct in saying a Happy Time will fit in this frame too !!

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