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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, Mar 7, 2016.


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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Jakes Custom Motor Bicycles Reviews:

    Products: New and Innovative Motorized Bicycle Parts. Racing, Aftermarket, and Replacement.

  2. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    I ordered the Speed Racer engine from Jake's site a while ago. His site states that everything is custom made so it might be a short while.
    Currently we are discussing shipping arrangements as his site did not mention anything about shipping to FPO APO (military base that uses USPS) and the order process received the order just fine.
    All in all I have a $1000+ bike sitting here waiting for a custom motor. We will see what happens in the next couple of days
  3. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    New update.
    I've sent emails and attempted to reach Jake by phone. With the time difference from my deployed location and SoCal I get to stay up to the wee hours of the night just to get the voicemail. I left a message but to no avail.
    I had PayPal send an email to see if they can get anything. we will see where we go from there.
  4. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    I'm told from the clowns at Jakes Custom Motor Bicycles that a $460 engine order is not worth an hour at the post office for shipping to FPO AE. Instead they would like for my family members to drive an 45min each way to forward it on top of fronting the fee for the second shipping.
  5. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    Well I got the engine after my family had to re-pack it and spend the extra cash to send it to me.
    They got the engine in a medium flat rate USPS box with very minimum bubble wrap and hardly any crumpled up tissue paper.
    My mother was kind enough to spend some cash and add a half a roll of bubble wrap and even cover the outside of the box with bubble wrap and place it into a large USPS flat rate box with even more padding.
    I received the boxes pretty much in tact however the mounting studs were bent. The exhaust allen cap head seems to be double drilled.
    Being in Djibouti Africa I'm not sure if this can be fixed. I would almost understand if the bolt was in straight and went un-noticed but it was placed in the hole at the offset angle. Id think that there would be a little better quality from a $300 engine only. It is said to get a lot of treatment. I see a head bolted to a standard china motor. Oh and a "Jakes" sticker. I guess I gave them so much hell via email that they gave me all the rejected parts.
  6. chainmaker

    chainmaker Member

    If you paid with PayPal there might be recourse with their buyer protection,
  7. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    I did use PayPal. In fact I kept a case open because Jake's website charged me to ship to FPO AE then took 3 weeks to tell me they would not ship it.
    Because I was brought up to honor a deal I had them ship it to my family in TX. They did not adjust the shipping at all. PayPal went all out and recovered the entire thing.
    Now that the motor has traveled to the other side of the planet via USPS Jakes wants the motor back. LOL. I told them that a deal is a deal, re-adjust the shipping and I will send the money. I figured they would send me trash so about 2 weeks ago I ordered yet another item from China a 66cc motor. I figure between the two I can make a good motor. Just such a shame for a $299 engine only. I will load pics of the original shipping and the added padding that my family had to add because they were shocked at a package with $460 worth of goods was shipped in.
  8. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

  9. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    Here you can see the studs are bent and the double drilled exhaust bolt hole.Sad for such a pricey motor.
    I couldn't find any real damage on the box I received from my family as it was so packed with about a half a roll of bubble wrap and extra packing.
    This only leads me to think that it left CA this way. Luckily where I am the hardware store gets the majority of their hardware from China so the bolts will be metric.
  10. Charles Laypool

    Charles Laypool Active Member

    Screw them the guys at would of hooked u up u can buy a cheap kit 119.00 send them the motor and 300 $ later have a HIGHLY modded motor ported, balanced, and with every "useable" upgrade attached

    Sry u got screwed but hopfuly ur rideing by now
  11. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    I have the motor and just now getting some of the support parts and materials to get this bike built.
    Ended up going with a jackshaft and 1x7 gearing. now just waiting on brake cables to get it fired up and broke in.
    It was sent with the clutch set to where it doesn't disengage the output gear from the motor. Also I need to find an air cleaner that will fit in the small amount of room I have for the seat tube.
    As far as being screwed PayPal saw that they did cause me a lot of delay and extra money in shipping from a second drop.
    They refunded all of my money. Jakes demanded their items back after it arrived which was funny. I had them send a new bill with the revised shipping charges. They did take off all shipping so that helped rectify the situation.
    I suspect that in about a month I'll have all the parts and start getting this thing broke in.
  12. Scott Bennett

    Scott Bennett New Member

    Motored Bicycle.jpg Here is where I'm at so far.
  13. Charles Laypool

    Charles Laypool Active Member

  14. Rusty_S85

    Rusty_S85 Active Member

    How is the business now a days? I don't know how much I will be buying from them but I am wanting to buy their handle bars but currently looking for a coupon code to get the overall price down some.
  15. Why not get an offset intake manifold, under $10 on eBay, so you can put your carb & filter on the outside of the frame.
  16. Arty

    Arty Active Member

    Eye candy!