jammies & a coffee, a "my life" update



yaknow...a week without an isp really sucks, but i did make the best of it.

due to several years of leaking, the front/bedroom section of my rv is pretty rough inside, so i had to make a temp framing effort in order to give the shell a crown to shed water. covered the whole thing with a tarp, there-ya-go. with the space-heater, i'm toasty & the inside of the trailer is drying very nicely, i'll be able to easily reconstruct the inner framing in the spring. the good part about the place is i have a functioning kitchen & a "flush" toilet in the bathroom.

i'm a short 2-minute ride from the beach in ocean park, and during that week i enjoyed an almost daily 40mph blast-on-the-beach. i've changed to regular 1.95 mtb tires & switched out the chain: i was lucky the landlord had his old chain off his worksman tandem, pretty solid far as i can tell.

and, the day she turned 100 miles old, a head-bolt popped out. i took it home and pulled the head, found that the culprit bolt had 3 washers on it & the threads hadn't seated in the block deep enough, it was being held by only 2 threads. so, i'm under warranty & the engine's been shipped to dax. bummer, tho, because she was really running great.

one thing i'd kept ignoring was safety lighting. i'd caused quite a splash at the local watering hole with the bike & i've gotten a lil more high-profile than i prefer. i figure i better get lights on it and real soon, so i ordered 2 sets of the chinese LED-blinkers...2 front & 2 back should keep the authorities off my case. i expect i'll have them on the bike long before i have the replacement engine.

speaking of engine, this one's gonna get the benefit of the knowledge i've gained here, inline fuel filter, polished ports, lock-tite, torque-check every bolt on the thing before i fire it up.

dog-gone-it, tho, i have to crawl thru another break-in period.

welcome to any new members i haven't gotten around to yet, and thanks to all our existing members for picking up their own toys, the board was in great shape. there's more good things on the way...new forums and a re-structuring of our current stuff. it looks like we're getting a good rep as a technical discussion board, & remember, whenever you're in touch with anyone about motor'd-biking, make sure to mention MotoredBikes.com :)


Yeah board is kickin' tailpipe. I think it's about time I get a sticker and start advertising the board... I owe it motoredbikes.com and it's members for helping me out with all my problems