Japanese Replica of small Harley or Indian ?

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  1. Mountainman

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    I am getting back into small MBs... Wondering if there are any Japanese manufactors turning out anything close to these cool old -- small MBs ? I didn't even realize -- until years back going into a neighbors garage down the old dirt road -- he had many of these old collector Harley and Indian MBs.. They have a cool look -- seems like there could be a market out there... Happy Riding from - Mountainman

  2. Alan

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    But if you asked "Chinese," I'd say maybe. They clone practically everything.
  3. mark2yahu

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    One thing's for sure, Mountainman, if a Japanese manufacturer ever did a replica vintage Indian or a scaled-down Harley motor for an MB, it would most likely be done right :)
  4. Mountainman

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    Thanks you guys -- I was just wanting to find out if anything looking like these old MBs were around and hopefully made in Japan.. Doesn't sound very promising... I am already thinking about MB #2.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  5. mark2yahu

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    So what's on your mind for MB #2?
  6. Mountainman

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    Hey Mark -- I would like something more laid back than my mountainbike. It's friction drive - I like it. Going to leave the decision for MB #2 open for a while. When I bought #1 I didn't know very much in regards to these engines. Always wanting to learn more and this site - helps a lot. Do you have any ideas for #2 ?
    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  7. darwin

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    My BIL bought a harley replica from pep boys I think and what a piece of junk it was, Im not joking folks the quality and parts were big fat 0s. This was like 50cc or 75cc bike. It looked cute but was a project pit for saturday fixes.
  8. Mountainman

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    Hey darwin -- yes I have been seeing more and more small gas and elect engine rides at Pep Boys -- as you say -- because of the quality -- when they break down -- might as well just throw them away... Thanks for letting ones know of this sad store that would sell such junk !!! In the OLD DAYS Pep Boys was my grandfather's favorite auto parts store -- still is where we may end up going at times -- but - maybe - buy the best they have.. OK - another auto parts store a while back - I needed an elect part - they had three available - 13, 18 and 25 dollars each -- the 25 dollar part lifetime guarantee -- I was told the 13 dollar part was junk -- traveling much to the hot desert in a motorhome and wanting to break down NEVER - you know which one I bought --- same way I think in regards to MBs -- realizing that many here (as I did when I was younger) enjoy getting the tools out ---- Old Mountainman can do that - when needed - but right now - I just want to ride !!! Mountainman
  9. DougC

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    I asked on various motorcycle forums/newsgroups some months back if there was any company in the entire world that was still building vintage-style motorcycles on the larger 28" wheels, and nobody posted that they knew of any.

    The most "antique" brand that got mentioned was the Ural cycles, but those use the post-WWI small ~20" wheels.
  10. mark2yahu

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    New Project

    It's in the works as we speak :) It's a friction drive kit from www.bikemotorparts.com, and I have a 40cc 2-stroke Mitsubishi rarin' to go!
    The bike is a Huffy cruiser. I'm changing out the cheap wheels for some 140 spoke front & rear; a springer fork, and caliper brakes (for safety). It's laid back, my style of riding :cool: How about a lowrider? That's very laid back;)
  11. Mountainman

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    Just exactly what I was thinking about -- a low rider.. YES - OH - YES !!! I saw an auto-matic shifting bicycle yesterday at a sporting goods store. Have you seen these ?? Generates elect from the hub of the front wheel - goes through an elect box - then on to the inside of the rear wheel.. Looked interesting.. Yes - I have my long distance mountain MB -- now for some EASY DOES IT RIDING.. Mountainman
  12. Mountainman

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    Hey Mark - I went to the site you mentioned - it looks very close to the set up I bought from Station... Station mentions 2 bearings -- does the one you have or are getting have one bearing or two ? Mountainman
  13. HoughMade

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    Here you go...all you need is an abundant Honda engine, a rare Grubee Skyhawk II, an abundant cruiser frame and a rare amount of time over the next few months....now its in dozens of pieces for paint.

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  14. TwoWalks

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  15. mark2yahu

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    Well, the one I'm getting has 1 bearing on each side of the roller. And the roller itself is made so that it's a freewheel. What that does is, if the bike's going faster than the roller, the roller won't slow it down. It will just freewheel. Same if you can pedal faster than the motor itself. Almost no resistance.

    I've seen the automatic shifting bikes. No derailleur. Kind of surprising, visually. They have a little generator inside the metal tubing. These are high-end bikes that we won't see at any department store anytime soon. Maybe in 3 to 5 years we'll see them at Walmart :)
    Have you also seen the chainless bikes? They are shaft drive. Really strange looking, and they have a cruiser out with a shaft drive. I want a NuVinci wheel, but they're too expensive.

    Darwin, I remember back in the '70's, we used to go to Pep Boys in old Long Beach. That was the best Pep Boys I've ever been to. They used to have a complete line of mini bikes. Even Sears down the street. Every time I go buy stuff at Kragen Auto, there's this red mini bike for $269.00; with a 2 hp Briggs. But for me, there's no place legal to ride a mini bike around here.

    Houghmade, that is a masterpiece!
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  16. Mountainman

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    Thanks for sharing HoughMade -- that is one -- CLASSIC LOOKING MB... Sounds like what a person has to do is -- build it up... I must admit - it has been soom years since I saw all of those old small Harleys and Indians -- this MB that you are building up -- DOES remind me of the look -- cool looking MB there... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  17. Mountainman

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    Hi TwoWalks -- I checked this site out - HappyScooters.com -- I noticed that they don't seem to mention where there bikes are made -- from what I have found this usually means China... They also have what they call -- an exact replica of a Yamaha 250cc Virago. I had a 900cc Virago years back (pretty nice bike) -- I don't think any Japanese firms would be turning out any Virago replicas.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  18. butch27

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    They had those "happy scooter" motorcycles at the Portland bike show for $1600.
  19. arceeguy

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    The "happyscooter" Virago clone is made by a company called Lifan in China. They are the largest privately held motorcycle/scooter manufacturer in China. I own a Lifan made copy of a Honda CT70 trail/street bike. The quality is very good on these machines. I use mine like a "small scooter on steroids" around town. Lifan actually improved the design by adding electric start and boring/stroking the engine to 110cc. (107cc actual) It can easily cruise at 50mph, tops out at 60 under ideal conditions, and it gets 100mpg! It cost less than $900 - but it does require a motorcycle license and insurance.
  20. DougC

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    The "automatic" bikes I've seen use the Shimano Coasting gear system.

    Trek was one of the first companies to sell them in the US (the Trek Lime bikes) but other companies seem to have bikes with it now.

    Also the system was available in Europe previously, so Trek wasn't really the fist ones to sell it, just first in the US.