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    My name is Jason and I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma with my wife and two kids.
    I have enjoyed riding bikes for most of my life. However, since moving to Oklahoma (from Missouri) I have found the constant, strong wind a real deterrent to me riding my bike very often. Hopefully a motor on my bike will get me back on it more often.

    A few years ago I bought a Fuji, Monterey 2.0 (a comfort bike). It was a great bike that I enjoyed very much until it was stolen . Since then I have kind of taken over my wife's Fuji, Crosstown 2.0. It is also a good bike, however, it is unlikely that I will use it for my motor bike. I am currently planning to buy a Trek Navigator 100 that I found a good price on and use it as my motor bike (assuming that it will work).

    This forum has already been great resource, and I am sure that it will continue to be as I begin this project.

    Thanks for all the future help you will give me.


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    Hi neighbor....

    being from Kansas...we have a reason (joke) why Oklahoma is so windy.....but you've prolly already heard it!! :jester:

    Welcome to MBc.
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    Hi Jason, welcome to MBc. What's the reason it's so windy?
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