JB Weld on my oil sump....

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    So, I finally decided to mount my EH035 properly with the other 2 bolts on the pullstart side. Had to get longer bolts and about 15 washers per bolt to cover the gap between my pre-made mount plate that was designed for another engine.

    Only problem is that the oil sump was in the way for one of 'em. I grinded off a bit until I actually could get the bolt to start turning. No problem. Once I put it on the mount plate, the new hole I drilled was slightly angled, so I started grinding some more off the oil sump instead of "wallowing" out the hole in the mount plate to get the proper angle. It was getting dark by this point, so I couldn't see what I was doing and... DRIP...DRIP....DRIP...... went too deep!

    Well... after putting a pinhole crack in the oil sump, I have now removed its 4 screws, which couldn't have been easier. The pinhole crack actually had other flakes of metal around it, so I removed those. Now there's a teardrop size hole.

    I'm letting the first round of JB Weld sit. I held it up about 2 or 3 hours last night, twirling it in my hand, while I read other stuff, waiting for it to dry. So it's got at least a good half out. I'll sand it in a few hours and put the second coat on, then it should be good tomorrow.

    It will take 2 weeks for the $10 part (+ $8 shipping) to get here!!! So, good thing I got started last night. My part should work tomorrow, so it'll almost be like overnight shipping for FREE. :dunce:

    I'm so smart.

    Anyway... What type of temperatures and pressures do you think the EH035 oil sump will be experiencing in an 85-90 degree ambient temp environment??

    I think this will work, but the heat gives me more reservation than my cracked aluminum rim for some reason.

  2. HeadSmess

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    about 85-90 degrees... celcius :) maybe a lil bit over boiling but not much. you wont keep your hand on it, anyways.

    jb weld is not the miracle cure! arrrrgh!

    meh, gets you outta trouble... and a guy with a welder woulda charged you 20 bucks just to look at it crosseyed, so...

    ill admit that ive pulled apart a few old kwaka 750/1000's with....araldite in the crank covers!

    a trick from racing. you fill em up then you can corner harder and grind through the case without all that vital lubricant spraying out onto your rear wheel... which can be unpleasant, im told :p and the guy behind hates it even more cus he gets it on his froooont wheeel :jester:

    araldite/jbweld should cope with the heat fine. :D

    the most important bit is did you clean it THOROUGHLY with petrol THEN acetone/methylated spirits before gluing????
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  3. sparky

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    I figured the heat wouldn't be too bad.

    But I think I'm worried about the metal stressing and then the jb weld becoming brittle and cracking off and starting a journey to the center of my engine.

    Still... I hope it can handle two weeks 'til the new sump gets here.

    I did NOT use petrol & acetone or anything of the sort. Just took the oil sump inside, washed it out with water and used a few dry rags until it was as clean as I could get it. Most all the JB Weld was on the outside of the sump, where I was grinding. The only bit of JB Weld on the inside was a half a drop (if that) that seeped thru while I was twirling it in my hands waiting for it to dry.

    I grinded off the second coat a couple hours ago until I could screw the sump back on the engine. Sanding off the excess to make room for the screw took me AT LEAST an hour. Oh well.

    I filled it up, spilled a ridiculous amount of fresh oil on my driveway!! Need to figure out a better way to measure out the 10 ounces or whatever it takes.

    I'll give her a test ride later and see how much heat she can handle.
  4. darwin

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    Sparky with all the r/s engines that staton sells he might have an extra oil sump cover lying around, cant hurt to ask.
  5. HeadSmess

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    that is an issue, the oil changes. tie your bike up by a tree in whatever position it takes!

    still easier than undoing the engine :rolleyes7:
  6. darwin

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    I have my wife hold the bikes front end up while I drain it and 1 minute later its drained. I use my finger to try and get any left over shavings out then fillerup. I use a small funnel with a 6in hose extension to fill it........adapt and we shall overcome!
  7. HeadSmess

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    :jester: hold onto her then!

    wow, a willing assistant bike mechanic... ;) theyre hard to come by... :jester: