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    This is where I am So far...Yeah I named her already...I started off with a electric blue delmar.sanded and painted her ceramic engine enamel flat black,changed out to good bearings. Im waiting for My wheels to come in the mail I ordered some disc/cassette wheels with off road tires (snow tires..going to rider in the winter) I messed around with the derailleur and stick shift this AM. I sent the Monarch forks from Venice MotorBikes to Sportscarpat yesterday for BEEFING, Got a billet rear disc brake adapter and disc brakes from Choppers Us, SBP expansion chamber and billet intake from Pirate, Gas tank from Silverbear, just waiting for sbp shift kits to be back in stock, and waiting until the last minute on the motor to see what happens with Pirates balanced Motor.The photo of the front fender is with the mounts and braces I made using 1/8 x 3/4 steel from Home depot. Just wanted to share My project so far.




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    I am expecting My new cassette/disc brake wheels tomorrow. My cruiser came with 110 mm rear dropout spacing for a standard coaster brake wheel. The new wheels are set for 135 mm dropouts. To stretch the distance I used a scissor jack between the dropouts and gave it some cranks....the stretch went well as you can see by the photos. The dropouts re only off by 1 mm.


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    Matte black for the win:) Nice bike.
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    Can you describe how the Monark fork is beefed up & by whom? Nice looking bike and will eventually be spot on.
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