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  1. Jersey

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    I wanted to build an electric bike from a salvaged frame but the laws in CA made it nearly impossible. Instead, I made an attempt to copy some of the bikes I've seen online and have had a blast throughout the process. See the picture (thanks to the guys at Spooky Tooth for inspiration). If there is no picture attached, it is because I'm computer illiterate.


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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    Not a problem, the photo is attached to your post.

    It's a great looking bike, too.
  3. KeyWest

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    Welcome to the forum, you did well on that bike all black I like it,where abouts are you in
    Ca. I am in Huntington Beach let's ride.
  4. Jersey

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    Thanks for the invite. LA is a bit too far. I am in Santa Maria.