jet 48cc on a 20 inch bike will it work?

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    i was wondering if a 20" bike would work or not with a 48cc jet slant head?

    what problems would i need to over come?

    i need a reliable way to work i got a 20" cruiser i just got for my first fathers day(its a smaller bike but there the love of my bike riding life).

    now this being said i have work on bmx bike for 11 years so i know my way around a bike, will the build be hard? would it even work on a 20?and i see an spec drawling some where(i can find any) so i can at least size it up

    thanks culprite


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    would i have any control issues?

    i still dont understand
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    What do you mean by control issues and exactly what is it that you don't understand.

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    how do i know how much room i will need?
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    Well what I would do is contact a supplier of that particular bike and ask them for three measurements.. the length of the two tubes that the engine will mount to and the length of the horizontal tube.... With those, a determination can be made as to the question of fitting.
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    Try this on for size. Print it out exactly as show, even if you gotta take it to office depot or staples and have them blow it up to proportion.
    If it will fit in your frame, then an engine should fit no problem.

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    Clearence from the crankshaft to the horizontal tube needs to be a minimun of 8 inches. At least that is what I measured on our bikes. This is having the engine mounted at the proper angle so the intake is horizontal and gives enough room for carb cable to operate smothly.