jet sizes for dellorto sha carburetor

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by shirlz72, Jun 15, 2009.

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    i was just wondering if anyone has the dellorto sha 16.16 carburetor and if so what jet size do they run in it? mine came with an #82 and its running really badly, i took the jet out of my other stock carby and it seems to be running a little better but lacks top end power, it seems to choke a bit,i have the 80cc (66cc) grubee skyhawk engine, any help on what jet size i should run would be much appreciated, i live on the coast of australia, i was going to buy a range of jets but at 4$ each i thought i should at least get an idea of what range of jets i should start with. also there are the grubee super rat expansion chambers for sale on ebay over here does anyone know how well they work?

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    super rat pipe

    The expansion chamber was very tricky to fit onto a Giant Boulder mountain bike 21'. I needed to use a spacer from the pipe to the head and some tough love to get it to fit. Good increase in power, but it is extremely loud! Would only recommend for off road use as this will really upset the neighbours in the suburbs.