Jetpro Pipes: Silence, Increase the Performance for Your Tanaka or other 2 Stroke en

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    Noise level:
    My major gripe with the Tanaka is the sound level. I like the performance, very dependable, pull hard. I have to wear earplugs to make riding more comfortable . With the Jetpro Pipe, the sound coming is as if I was wearing an earplug. More muffled. It also create a lower tone instead of the high pitch sound of a normal 2 stroke. The engine now sound more muscular. Now I actually want to here the sound. I think it's the high pitch sound that I don't like. Keep in mind also the some of the sound is coming from the intake, so it is hard to compare it to 4 stroke. At idle its sounds like a four stroke. This is considering that it only has one silencer. I can add another silencer to muffle the sound more.
    Top speed was increased from 34 mph to 38. Hills that I used to do 28, now goes 31. Extreme hill that I can go 12mph, now 14 mph. There is only little bit of torque increase between 4-6 rpm, it comes alive is after about 6.5 to max rpm, feels like there is a turbo.
    Lifetime Warranty, material used on the pipe itself is heavy gauge. The fittings and attachment used are high quality. Rubber bushings are used to dampen the vibration of the engine, prevent the joints on the pipe from cracking and it is secured very well. Looking at it in person is screams quality
    Subjective, but when I opened the box I feel it belongs in museum of modern art. It looks nicer alone than in the bike. But that's just my opinion.

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    Yep, that's what expansion chambers do.:detective:

    The hardest part is figuring out if the pipe you're interested in fits your bike and engine drive. I haves a Dominator pipe for my GP460 engine. With bracket mods, it clears my friction drive, but not my Scooterguy frame-mount.

    I give you props for buying this expensive pipe without knowing if it'd fit your bike. I did the same with an SBP Happy Time expansion chamber for my 460 engine. The $70 pipe fits like a glove.:detective:
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    Sounds good, literally heh, and you're getting your bike tuned to where you want it.

    Likewise, the exhaust note of the 2 strokes has been something I have been constantly attempting to tweak more to my liking.

    I've tried a bunch of different configurations at the exhaust port and can get it muffled to the point, as you mentioned, where you begin to notice the intake scream becoming apparent.

    A friend of mine has a Yamaha Zuma 50cc scooter, it's a 2 stroke engine but boy have they quieted that thing down. It has an overall noise signature equal to or less than than some of the small 4 strokes, like the Robin engines I have. I've looked the scooter over plenty and aside from an exhaust system that is made from thick, welded plate steel and probably weighs 20 lbs, it has an intake cowling squirreled into the seat fairing that very effectively knocks down almost all the intake noise. Of course, it's a variable speed scooter so weight is more forgivable.

    I mention it though because taking a page from scooter design, I've been kicking around some ideas about how to incorporate and fab up something similar for intake noise reduction for an MB while not inhibiting the engine from breathing well and keeping an eye on not adding too much weight.

    Happy motoring and ride safe.
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    staton 7 speed

    I also have a staton rack 7 speed coming. It should make a lot of difference. We have a san diego rallye but it got rained, bummer.
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    Can I get one ? I tried a search and I don't see them for sale anywhere. Can you give me any further info on getting one ? I have the same motor. Thanks
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    1800 4jetpro
    Owner: Dinno
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    Jetpro has a lot of different pipes, he can custom fit it to you specs. Call him,
    1800 4jetpro
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    Thanks for the tip, man. I didn't know that.

    I have enough hp/tq on my 460 engine. If the Happy Time pipe doesn't work on my Tanaka 47R, I'll consider the Jetpro.

    How much was it?
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    I have a Tanaka 32. It is not too noisy, but I would prefer an even quieter motor. I liiked at the Jetpro, but it seems too big and gaudy for my taste. I would prefer something small and understated.
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    Call him on what option he can have for you. He might me able to route it undrneath so its not to obvious or paint in black.
    1800 4 jetpro. he can work with you
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    Just talked to Dinno, owner of jetpro,pipe avalable smaller, matte black paint and it can also be routed going under the gas tank.
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    Straight 100 Mile Test

    Just did straight 100 mile long term test on the jetpro pipe. Basicaly, it doesn"t sound like a weedwaker motor anymore. It sounds more like a two stroke dirt bike thats well tuned . .Finally now my Tanaka 40 is quite enough that the wind sound is more louder even at 33- 35 mph, close to WOT. At cruising speed of 27 to 30 there is very little exaust sound but more of a mechanical sound the engine is making. Its a good thing that the Tanaka is such a well balance and precise motor, that there is a nice sound coming from it.
    Rode my Subaru Engine and its still more quite but its like listening to a small generator.Or it sounds like my gardener is folowing me. Its not bad but there is no sportiness to it.

    Can't wait for the 7 Speed Staton Kit. I would imagine that a nice sporty sound going though the gears, and hear a more cruising sound on the final gear.
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