Jetting for 650ft above sea level and rim setup

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11:30 PM
Sep 4, 2022
Hi everyone,
I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my bike and finally getting it done and I've been battling the tuning on it for a while. Currently I have a 21mm pwk carb and last I ran it It had a 95 main, 31 pilot, and needle jet was moved up one notch from the middle. Basically the bike only ran fine at half to 80% throttle and everything else was a mess. When I let out the throttle it seemed to be fine until the bike was about to stop or completely stopped and the thing would cut out no matter what and at full throttle it sounded much deeper in tone and almost skipping fires. as I was taking the top end of my engine apart I noticed that the head and plug were quiet wet and at the end of my pipe it was dripping fuel so obviously that's not too good of a sign.
Also does anyone know where I can buy a bulky 26" rim that comes pre-installed with a sprocket on in? Preferably a 5 or 10 spoke would be great. I see you can buy stuff like that online but it includes both the front and rear rims which I don't really need the front. I've already bent one rim and snapped several spokes on the other and I would just like to get something solid that would handle my setup. Again Thanks!