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May 26, 2018
Just a Question ! I went from a 76 to 70 to a;65 jet on my delorto now it just flies. Was 76 too rich? And what does this mean? Senior help


Jul 8, 2015
it sounds like it was too rich, the engine will run best with the correct air/fuel mix. and that depends on how well your engine breathes, intake and exhaust will dictate what jetting is needed. more air that can get in and out of the engine, the more fuel you'll need to mix with that air.

But the engines tend to like running lean though, so a well tuned carb will not feel as peppy as one running a little lean. but if you run lean you get into to higher temps and basically melt your piston to failure.

if your happy with its running now, you should do a plug chop to see if you are lean. warm the engine up to normal running temp, on a good straight stretch go wide open on the throttle for as long as you can. then kill the engine while still WOT and pull over, pull out the spark plug and check the colour. ideal is a nice tan, too lean is going whitish, and too rich is brown to black. google plug reading and there are pics to give you an idea.