jim in chicago bike pics finnished schwinn drifter

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  1. jimhandy

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    hi all got bike done. running great thanks all of you for the help and tips . cheek out muffler hanger tell me what you think any ideas on better things i can do. thank you all jim lets ride guys

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A fine looking bike. Good job.

    I'll make a suggestion; Move the chain tensioner from the engine chain to the pedal chain. On that side it needs to hang upside down.

    Adjust engine chain tension by moving the wheel (axle, really) back and forth in the slots. On the pedal side you'll likely need to add enough links to get enough slack for the tensioner.

    This way there is far, far less strain on both chains and on the tensioner.
  3. toojung2die

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    I tried using the chain tensioner on the pedal chain as bluegoatwoods suggested for the same reasons he gave. It worked but on bikes like this the chainstays get closer together towards the front. I found the engine chain slapping the chainstay because it was too close. Putting the tensioner on the engine chain gave it the clearance it needed without having to bend the chainstay away from the chain. It's easier to adjust for chain stretch now too.

    I think the exhaust support is kinda close to the manifold flange to really help. Supporting the muffler further down by attaching it to the down tube would better help prevent vibration fatigue.
  4. jimhandy

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    thanks for the info is it better to have tensioner on uper or lower part of chain thinking spring load but to upper part