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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    JNMotors Bikes Reviews:

    Products: Gas Bicycles, Propane Bicycles, Electric Bicycles, Bicycles, Motorized Bicycle Parts,
    Motorized Bicycle Engine Servicing, Moped, Motopeds, Filters, Oils
    Location: Bothell, WA

  2. BWB

    BWB Member

    I've have had good experiences working with them. I have ordered a lot of parts from JNMotors. There have been a few hiccups but they have always took care of them and got me my parts.
  3. Arty

    Arty Active Member

    I have ordered from this outfit.
    Although they seem to be quite well intentioned, their business practice is really poor - especially on refunds/exchanges., and shipping, at least in my experience, takes weeks.
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  4. Wolfshoes

    Wolfshoes Member

    It's been almost three years and I am still waiting on one part not received from my 1st order with them prepaid with a credit card. The part I have not received, a 39 tooth drive sprocket the last time I looked is still offered on their website. There was no paper packing list with the order. The online packing list was a incorrect shipped complete. Contacting them at the time about the shortage was difficult. My email was blocked, the first phone call went unanswered, a letter sent to the only address available, the one on the package went unreplied. I did finally manage to get a response on the phone and was told to watch for a email shipping number. In all fairness I know there can be significant delays on imported shipments. There was no notification at the time I ordered prepaid this was a back order situation. Also in all fairness when I finally was able to contact them, I did not say what year I needed the product.
  5. Dustmonkey

    Dustmonkey New Member

    From their website they appear to have some great parts but they have such bad service and it makes me not want to order stuff from them. I placed an order with them a few weeks ago and I got an email telling me it was shipped, but the USPS tracking information only says that a label was printed, never actually shipped out. My account on their website shows "order shipped" but I can't reach anyone to find out what is actually happening with the the package.
  6. Dustmonkey

    Dustmonkey New Member

    Update: I never got any communication but I did finally receive a package from them. Unfortunately it is the wrong part (different part, 10 bucks cheaper, wrong dimensions), so now I look forward to trying to reach someone and get them to understand and fix the situation.
  7. Stoneman

    Stoneman Member

    I wouldn't reccomend them to anyone

    Waste of time and no customer service at all
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