JNMotors parts and pipes?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by andrew88rmz, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. andrew88rmz

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    I searched it on the forum and came up with nothing. Has anyone tried or heard anything about JNMotors. http://www.jnmotorsbikes.com/exhaust.htm
    They sell alot of parts and half a selection of nice looking pipes. The even have a jetpro pip and I know those things rip on gopeds but i dont know about on a bike. Let me know what you guys think. Also they have a nice looking carb that doesnt appear to be a chinese one.

  2. JimKamenidis

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    its really weird how there is nothing of jnm in here..i mean that site is like paradise of motorized bicycles!and it has the first coil upgrade i have ever seen!
  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    Sweeeet, speed carbs.

    *busts out wallet*
  4. goodtime65

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    I find JNMOTORS products realy good and their service is great.
  5. skrufryder

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    Oh I met the owner of that company up in mill creek.my buddy had me drive him up there to pick up an exspansion chamber.As far as customer service he actualy drove part way and met us and even payed for the coffe. nice guy. realy into motor bikes. i think he gets bach up here monday. i know he went to my home town for the DEATH RACE last month and i think he was gona hit a rally in florida and said he wanted to plan a ride from mill creek to and around the san juans for a weekend. ANYONE IN THE SEATTLE AREA i plan on getin to Mill Creek back roads style the day before. Roadhazzards!!
  6. skrufryder

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    O yeah we talked about the carb its not the same as the china ones its italin i forget what company not sure if it was molosse
  7. skrufryder

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    oooops is there to l's?
  8. richirich1113

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    on jnmotors

    I have purchased a couple of things from them. one was the performance carb. personally think its a great carb. just make sure to get the jet kit. its simple to jet so tuning is real simple. way better than the cheap china stuff.
    another thing was the wide pedal cranks- i think alittle overpriced for what they are. the gear wasnt exactly straight, i had to do some tweaking to get it straight. as far as exhaust -the black expansion chamber kit is the same as sick bike parts exhaust kit. so my review is really not good for it . it is not as easy to set up as they make it seem. and is prone to kinda alot of oil leakage, so unless you want to spend alot of time on it its not the exhaust you really want., but it does improve power over stock.
    Anyway i hope this helps you
    Happy motorbikin
  9. steelfan41

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    I am waiting for delivery of an expansion chamber and speed carb. Customer Service has been outstanding, I'll buy from them again.
  10. lowracer

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    I ordered some flex pipe & a jet kit from them.
    Got the flex pipe only in a paper Priority envelope with a huge rip in it.
    No jet kit in there (must of fallen out).
    Emailed them, told me they would send a jet kit out but it never arrived...
    I re-emailed them & they said they will send it out.
    Will let you all know if I receive it soon.
  11. lowracer

    lowracer Member

    Got the jet kit today.
    JNMotorbikes made good on my order.
    Good people...