Carby jnmotors racing carb HELP!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by battery, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I bought this racing carb from jnmotors and it is running very lean. I only see two screws on it one for idler which I adjusted the other I have all the way unscrewed. It seems to be running lean. Engine gets hot and it its over revving for 20 seconds after I let off the gas! Due anyone have any info or can help me adjust this wabron carb? Not walbro, but wabron...

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    If you only purchased the Walbro style diaphragm carby, you wouldn't be having these problems.
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    you unscrewed the idle air jet which makes it run lean at zero throttle
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    I agree fabian. Im an idiot for buying this. but have the idle screw (b) correct. I run around town at full throttle 95% of the time. its screw A that I am having trouble with. it seems to do nothing at all. I was running with it all the way unscrewed and it ran lean. I screwed it in tight and saw no differance. my engine ran really hot and had trouble slowing down. if I pull the clutch the bike would over rev unless im off the throttle for about 20 seconds. I think Im going to toss it. I put the stock nt back on.
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    I could be wrong but "screw B" appears to be an air bleed screw, possibly for idle air/fuel mixture adjustment.

    Screw A appears to be a throttle slide idle speed adjustment. I have no idea what all of the other hose fittings control.

    After trying a Genuine Delorto SHA and a clone Delorto SHA, i found no throttle response or power improvement over the NT, so i went back to the original NT carby as i found it to be more user friendly when jetted correctly.

    The most significant improvement was the Walbro style diaphragm carburettor, because it has external jetting screws, making air/fuel mixture adjustment a very simple and mess free job.
    A diaphragm carburettor just runs properly and stays clean, as it doesn't suffer from air or fuel leaks.
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    I dont want to dump too much more money into this bike till I get another for getting around town as I know it is getting impounded one of these days. I think the best route would just to be to re jet the carb. the one thing I like about it is that it has a bigger intake. but I am fairly disappointed in jnmotors for selling such crap. makes me question what else they are selling. I will certainly check with you freinds before making any more stupid decisions. as my bank account has run dry due to my stupidity.
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    So long as you can get a circuit diagram of how the "racing" carburettor works, it shouldn't be too difficult to set it up to meter air and fuel correctly.

    It's just a matter of emailing JN Motors to find out how the circuits work, then making the necessary adjustments or corrections.
    Once that's done, the carby should work reasonably well.
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    the screw does nothing.... in other words, either the circuit is blocked, the sounds of it, the pilot circuit is too lean.

    get a bigger idle circuit jet. or a set of microdrills :)

    or unblock the jet. iunno.
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    I'm curious as to why you felt you needed a "racing" carb for "getting around town". Perhaps this has something to do with why you're "sure your bike is going to get impounded one of these days"?