Job market is so bad

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by unior, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I applied for a job a couple weeks ago and just received a letter in the mail stating that they had over 130 applicants for ONE warehouse position!!


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    I feel your pain. I was out of a job for 7 months. It seemed like all the jobs I found on craigslist were too far away or I was over or under qualified. I now work at a place that I used to avoid, WallyWorld. It beats what I used to income.
    I read a newspaper article a few months back that stated that HomeDepot and Lowes receive on average 65 to 100 applications per day per region. They do not have any openings either....
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    Get used to it. Jon holdren and cass sunsten call it the de-development of the US. Better start paying real close attention, our last chance is the november election.

    Vote wisely, vote conservative.... or get used to competing with 165 other people for one job because they want us less wealthy so that other countries can have A better standard of living. The labor unions literally shipped those jobs overseas and they are not coming back... "workers of the world unite" remember?

    Remember it is not a zero sum economy and wealth is created through the combination of labor and raw materials... Not by the government. There is not a pie on which everybody has to share the slices... The pies are constantly growing and expanding. Government and the unions are the only thing stoping growth right now.
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    Really tough out there and the sad part is, it doesn't have to be this way. Business can't operate very well in an environment that won't allow them to predict future cost of doing business and employment. They seem to be sitting on cash and they want to expand but they must wait and hope the uncertainty ends.

    The exact cause of the uncertainty, unfortunately, is a topic for the CC.
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    And if you do have a job bosses expect so more out of employees now a daze. They know there is many others looking for work ready to fill your spot and they can start them at the bottom of the pay scale.
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    We also need to get rid of all the illegal imigrant workers. They are taking jobs from the american taxpayer. But employers like to keep them under the table.
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    I don't believe that is the case. The jobs that the illegals have, 99% of us would not do the job for the wages they are paid. The real problem is with the employers, not the workers.
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    ZevO, your too right. I just drove across Canada and back across the US and every low payed job was filled by a worker from out of the country.

    If you aspire to work flipping burgers or working in a C store, scraping horse trailers, working on a roofing crew in the 110 degree heat or laying asphalt for that matter, there are lots of jobs it seems. The draw back is that it's minimum wage or less if it is under the table and if you look up your fired.

    I talked to employers and employees alike. Employers would hire and pay better wages but the banks won't let go of the money that they got from the taxpayers because they screwed up and they know the bail out isn't happening again.
    The immigrant employees of course would like more but feel safe with what they have because they know that the layer of workers above them won't come down to thier level and take thier jobs away.

    For me the disheartening thing was the small towns that were half full of empty stores that hadn't been empty that long. The buildings were still in decent repair but just starting to look shabby due to lack of care. The windows full of for rent/sale signs that hadn't started to fall down yet. I'm sure that everyone has seen enough of them in thier own town and cities.
    Not just Mom and Pop stores but chain stores as well.
    The bright side was that there were every so often stores/gas stations that had just been reopened by some one who was willing to take a chance.

    My Mother who went through the last Depression said this will end in time. She also said thet we need to be thankful for the unemployment benefits, ect that are in place because of the last depression.

  9. give me vtec

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    Ed, don't you realize the unemployment benefits are part of the problem? Google the term "99er's"... They are our new permanent underclass. A new permanent voting base that is almost gaurenteed to vote for more government... And the cycle repeats itself.

    Care to argue otherwise?
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    Hi Vetec, I met some of the 99ers. They for the most part wanted off they said but who knows. You get awful used to the money coming in and you can work on the side.

    Your style of living slides down to what ever level you let it and as you say they vote so mabe the cycle will keep going if the government lets it.
    The other option is to have unemployed men wandering the street and familys in bread lines.
    Those of us who were raised by depression era parents had that fear installed in us from birth.

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    The price of gold is now $1,291.85/ounce.

    That is a fair gauge of the real value of the dollar over time. No, the dollar is not a gold-backed currency, it is a fiat currency, backed only by the "full faith and credence of the US government". Do you know ANYONE with faith in our government? Or who gives credence to any policy or proclamation it promulgates?

    The COINAGE AND MONETARY ACT of 1792 first established a value for the dollar. It defined one dollar as 1/42 of one troy ounce of .999 fine gold, or 411.5 grains of 90% pure silver. Those were the only things that were "dollars". By that measure, the value of the dollar today is 1/$1,291.85 * 1/42 = $0.03251 (rounded).

    I made a prediction a while back. I may well be wrong about that prediction (I really hope I am) but so far I see nothing to modify or adjust it.
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    i watched glenn yesterday to.its true,there trying to equal us out with other nations.we have to bring all our manufacturing jobs back or were doomed!
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    starting to feel trapped in a not so free nation.the walls are closing in boys!

    hey kerf,maybe we should go apply for one of dem dare govoment jobs!
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    I agree with you for the most part, that under normal circumstances people need a short term financial fix to get them through to the next job... only one problem I see. Unemployment benefits are by definition a temporary thing. When the government uses the unemployment benefits as a tool to fix a systemic economic problem (ie excessive government spending) and extends compensation to almost 2 years they have effectively removed a person permanently from the US workforce (not to mention... still more debt for those of us who have to pay the tab). In most industries 99 weeks is definitely sufficient to become obsolete in the modern globalized economy.

    I dare to make the contention that while that one person is unemployed for 99 weeks here in America... a new employee in competition for the same job is trained and pops up in Taiwan or china. The end result for the long term, is that lost job is very unlikely to return in our generation because the new job in Taiwan will be more competitive. Get used to it... the jobs are not going to return.

    we are hemorrhaging... I have a theory.

    Most Americans are used to the business cycle of boom and bust... therefore we are inherently and suitably capable to handle 6-18 months of hard times. Anything past that and most people are going to take notice that they still don't have a job, and everybody in their family is still hungry more often than full.

    I think the modern progressives have seriously underestimated the American public... we are not Venezuelans or Czech peasants and we may be immune to dictatorial control by our very nature (call it a genetic propensity towards freedom). The people are already starting to systemically reject what is happening to us without centralized support.

    So.... when they come out with news the recession ended last July, people universally say to themselves "WTF?" without any other external stimulation necessary. The normal progressive tactics that have worked every other time in history are not working here and there isn't a rule in the playbook for it other than isolate, ridicule, discredit, destroy. What does that mean in practical application??? The American people are going to notice both the subtle and blunt changes to their lives and reject them both in a very personal way... and calling Sarah Palin an idiot isn't going to cut it anymore.

    What the American people feel is that we are near the end, and that if we just endure a little longer we will make it through... only one thing has changed. We have subtly slipped from a free market into a command and control economy. What is happening isn't going to fix itself because it isn't designed to.... a precise framework has been implemented in place of free market equilibrium. What will the American people think when they realize we are only at the beginning of the slide and not the end because the people in power want us to have a lower standard of living so that others world wide can have more???

    Question... When the average household income is a little over $1000 per annum for most of the world, while at the same time the same family in the US is roughly earning $45,000, what do you do to even it out a little???

    Answer (progressive).... bring the $45,000 American income down to about $11,000, and bring the $1000 yearly income for everybody else to $6000.

    Question... how???

    Answer... through the exportation of jobs, government loans, domestic entitlement programs to immigrants, and anti-business legislation like what we saw after the oil spill. Its brilliant really.

    Did you know the drilling moratorium will shut down 3500 US wells in the gulf permanently??? Did you know the obama admin gave the Mexican and Brazilian government $2 billion each to explore and develop in the exact same area we forced us companies to shut down??? What do you think that will do to future energy prices here??? Where do you think we will have to buy our gas in the future??? And... thats the idea, create demand here, export jobs directly, at the same time export wealth by forcing us to buy internationally from those jobs. Instead of buying domestically thus creating us jobs... we buy overseas from foreign producers.

    Ill give you another example... EV's, green jobs, and solar panels. They tell us we need to buy electric vehicles and solar panels which will create "green jobs".... only one catch. The green jobs will be created overseas because the solar panels and batteries are made in Korea and china. They opened one battery plant here for the photo op... but its owned by the Koreans.

    Another example... CFL's. They have outlawed traditional incandescent bulbs that are made here so that we have to buy the curly lights that dont last as long and are toxic.... from china.

    Look... the examples are many and I could go on for hours. Its all about global redistribution of wealth and once its gone we will not have the capacity to regenerate it back because the dynamics of the modern globalized economy will make it much more difficult than it was for previous generations to compete. Every job we export overseas, we do so with the subconscious expectation the job will benevolently return sometime in the future.... but they wont.

    What will the Americans think when they realize they are living in the first waves of soft tyranny???? Will they remain oblivious until they are living under hard tyranny, or will we take our last chance and fend off the power hungry dictators and political theoreticians??? What will they think when they realize we are slipping backwards in development and that our children WILL NOT have the same chance for the future we had???

    Its amazing that even with the concerted efforts from the radical left to destroy our families, our history, our traditions, and our values... we turn right back like a feral hog. Threads like this are the first signs that people en masse sense this isn't normal.

    Its going to be interesting to see how we like the bed we have made for ourselves through apathy and unwillingness to appreciate what those before us died for.
  15. give me vtec

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    Employers don't make payroll with borrowed money ed, if they do it's not for long because they are seriously in trouble.

    Can you explain this a little further and how bank loans have anything to do with payroll? Because from where I sit governmentally imposed payroll taxes and uncertain future health care costs have much more to do with an employers ability to hire or promote than the bank that won't give them a loan... "because they messed up".

    Let's think about what you said here logically.... If a business takes a loan to pay an employee, they have to pay interest on payroll taxes like FICA and social security. How long do you think a business can operate under those conditions?

    Please don't make ignorant cliche comments like this anymore ed... It shows your socialistic lack of real world economic comprehension.
  16. fasteddy

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    Hey Bud, I thought that we weren't getting into name calling after last time. Just have to ask what gives you the right to tell me about comprehension.

    As usual you have taken jumping to conclusions to a Gold Medal level.

    I was not talking about pay rolls. I was talking about the business owners who borrow money to buy material to produce good to fill consumer demands then needing to hire workers to produce said goods.
    I don't know of many small business owners who have the ability to reach into thier bank accounts to fund large purchases. If they are producing a product then they have an accounts receivable that they can use to pay back the bank and use to hire workers.

    At least that is how it worked when I owned a business. The only good thing I learned from that was to leave it to people who were smarter than me. I turned a lot of lights out behind a lot of geniuses as they went out the door for the last time.

    The only thing I have to worry about now is that business whizzes like you keep going so my Soc. Sec. arrives every month but the way you keep going on it sure doesn't look to promising.

  17. give me vtec

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    happy to see you dont think businesses take loans to make payroll...
  18. fasteddy

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    Vtec, always makes my day to make you happy. Wasn't talking about borrowing to pay wages but that was why I got to help close up a few companies.

    My old Dad always said you can't borrow yourself out of debt. Guess he knew what he was talking about since he was the youngest man at the time to be elected to the board of directors of Bordens Dairy. About 30 years younger than the rest of them. He was thier secretary treasurer.

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    I've been gone for a while, thought this thread started in the White Zone. Am I mistaken?
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    Got moved I think because politics popped up its ugly head. :goofy: