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  1. john74

    john74 New Member

    im new here . im trying to put a 80cc kit on a 20in schwinn stangray copper bike!!!!the kind wallmart sold a few years back.. any info would be helpful.

  2. machiasmort

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    Believe me, your in the right place. As a member you can use the search function now... Just ask if you need help, it's a little tricky.

    20in. choppers are cool and could be a little difficult... There's a number of small obsticles to overcome. If you've got the money great if not, let me stop you and recomend a beach cruiser or Moutain bike!

    There's many places that sell custom parts to make the adaptions, allowing a motor to fit. First will be mounting the motor, there's many mounting brackets for sale to make it possible!
  3. john74

    john74 New Member

    thanks i have done afew beach cruisers and have seen afew moutain bike"s . i think the copper will be a fun projet!!!!!!