John Galvin, A brief motorized bike bio

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    I got started with motorized bikes last summer with a wilderness kit. Over the winter I tried a K-Trak setup for the snow that didn't work well for me. It was very hard to pedal and move on it. I knew I needed some kind of engine to help out.
    I found the 80cc kit on ebay and gave it a try. It worked well in parking lots with a little snow but anything over an inch or 2 would bog it down. Ater the snow started to melt I put wheels back on the bike with the motor and loved it! Its lightweight, cheap, fun to build etc. etc. I built a few more and sold a couple at a flea market before finding out that motorized bicycles in any form are illegal in New York State for streets or sidewalks.
    We have recently started racing at small local tracks designed for lawn mowers and go karts. I'm going to start another thread to address any questions.

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    welcome aboard.

    too bad the snow thing didn't work out. Oh well....
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    Hi and welcome to MBc.
    Yeah, the Ktrak has been mentioned here, mostly during the winter months heh. I tried one once as a demo in a bike shop parking lot. I never thought much of them and really didn't think they would take to motorizing that well. They really are designed as a winter equivalent to a downhill mountain bike.