John & Kate +8 (or John +4 and Kate +4)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arceeguy, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. arceeguy

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    What's all the hubbub about this third tier cable show?
    Looks like a trailer trash couple with a lot of spoiled rotton kids. They are getting divorced, so what. I just don't get the fascination that the general public has with other peoples lives.

    Last year, I tortured myself and sat though (most of) a show. The kids are rotten, the parents obviously don't get along with each other and are miserable. Does it make people feel better when they see people that are in more misery than themselves?

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Yes. The foundation of humor is the pain of others.
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    Who cares? Folks need to start living their own lives instead of living vicariously through reality tv. Are we that bored and dissatisfied with our lives as a nation?

    Gotta go, rock of love is on TV now and gotta see which church lady gets booted :)
  4. nhfembiker

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    I could care less about TV... I opted out of Cable in favor of Hulu (to watch Conan, 30 Rock and some other actually good shows) and find I don't miss much by not having cable. I've never seen this show, but everyone seems to be talking about how the parents are getting divorce, they cheated on each other, etc. WHO CARES. Both of those things happen in families who are not on TV. I just feel bad for the kids who will grow up knowing their parents televised their young lives for the sake of money and 15 minutes of fame.
  5. SirJakesus

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    I haven't watched TV in about 7 years. I may catch an hour of it a week at most just because you can't avoid the darn things. They're everywhere like 1984.
    The only shows I do watch every now and then (like once a year when the season has ended) are on DVD or from my friend. I just can't will myself to deal with the commercials, no matter how good the show is.
  6. eastwoodo4

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    speaking of commercials.with the money people pay for cable commercials are bs.they should have commercial channels.

    i never did like that show.didnt like her actually.hes alright.
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  7. kerf

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    I would pull my satellite if it weren't for South Park. It's the only culture I get. Went to Casa Bonita, in Denver about 25 years ago, went again last week, hoping to get a Casa Bonita Cartman. They didn't even know what I was talking about.
  8. I'm a huge fan of that show.
    Forgive me.
    I really want them to stay together.
    And it seems Kate wants this more than Jon.
    This marriage failed from the moment Jon quit his job.
    Now they have to depend on the 75 thousand dollars they make per show.
    At the expense of the kids.
    I hear Octo Mom is looking at contracts...
  9. RMWdave

    RMWdave Member

    and that show would be on the latenight showcase, where octomom takes it like a champ and the kids are fooled by people dressed as fantasy animals.

    i hered about this brewing a while ago, i hate that show they were all about the money and kate was a *****. jon was raising his kids as little asian brats.

    ill put this on the top of my "list of things back in the news at the age of 40" when the kids file lawsuits
  10. fasteddy

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    I watched it once in a while but I lived it twice so knew how it turned out.
    One of my kids turned out OK and the other one lived with her mom and I haven't seen her since Sept. 1987.
    The kids will be like the Dion Quints here in Canada in the 1930's. Messed up.

    Miss Kate has a whole separate life planned for herself and it doesn't include a husband or 8 kids. It's book signings and the talk shows to promote the latest book some one wrote for her.
    Jon at least seems to talk about the kids and enjoying them.

  11. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Hahaha, wow that's twisted!
  12. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I have the feeling that people feel reassured about themselves when they watch fools airing their dirty laundry in public. That might explain "Jon & Kate" and "Jerry Springer" and stuff like that.

    I don't have an explanation for the crime shows that take a magnifying glass to the very worst of human behavior. (One after another after another......) People will defend them on the (dubious) grounds that "this is reality". But there are so many of them and it appears that folks just gobble it up. It worries me; something's not right there.

    I long for the day of the Clampett's and Joe Friday and such. Maybe those programs weren't very realistic, but at least they weren't harmful.
  13. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Reality TV is incredibly cheap to produce and incredibly attractive to the stupid viewers among us. It's the stupid among us that allow the TV producers to get away with bad programming. Of all my TV viewing, Fox News takes up 85%, they're the only news outlet that hasn't drank the fascist Kool Aid.
  14. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Of course they haven't drank it. They're the pushers.
  15. machiasmort

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    They should lock the 2 of them up for runnin an illegitimate puppy mill.
  16. fasteddy

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    Machiasmort-- That is just toooo funny. LOL LOL

  17. RMWdave

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    theres alot of funny in this thread haha
  18. arceeguy

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    I know, everybody funny, now you funny too.........
  19. srdavo

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    one for George!!

    One Bourbon........

  20. RMWdave

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    one scotch