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    Hello everybody. My names brett any I have been building, riding and selling motoized bike's for 3 years now. I have spent $1000s at for a few years now. Just recently I received an incomplete order. My bottom bracket spindle was missing the lock nut (15 cent part). I have searched everywhere for one but can't find one that fits the spindle. I have tried numerous times to contact for support but never received any. Beware, will take your $ but will not give you the time of day. Do yourself a favor and find a different supplier. You get what you pay for.
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  2. butterbean

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    Gasbikes proclivities for ripping people off are well known, but thank you. I once received an incomplete order as well, and was given pretty much the same treatment you received.
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    Over 5 years and $30K+ here and I still use them for some common parts.

    I do not buy any kits from them now either though, all they carry is knock off crap, and some of their stuff now is far beyond a joke.

    If you have a long history with them you can get in touch (special e-mail) and even get special deals.

    They, like everyone else that deal with 2-stroke engines, are feeling the same pain though.
    Only the new 2015 GT5 Skyhawks have EPA OK to import, and EPA and Customs are cracking down.

    To add insult to injury they have been bared from buying any real Skyhawk parts for a couple years now for making knock-offs with G and Skyhawk names.

    I'd hate to see them shut down though, I just got a box of 10 4-stroke exhaust pipes and throttles for example, but I am moving to 4-stroke and electric stuff and kissing 2-stroke goodbye.
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    I don't feel that any of that is an excuse for blatantly ripping people off. I ordered an extra wide one piece crank, never got it, tried calling and emailing, they insisted they sent it but never provided a tracking number, called the shipping company and they had no record of any packages addressed to me, opened a case through PayPal and still didn't get my money back. Straight up and blatantly I say, **** gasbike and I hope they do get shu down for their terrible customer service and for ripping people off.