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    Lately , I have been on an online journey exploring what I want due to budget situation , and simply because I need an easier way of getting around in fair weather since I live rurally. Besides , scooters and motorcycles , etc are fun and they really do not use much gas.
    I tried an electric scooter, and it wasn't the best model, simply because the brakes are an accident waiting to happen. If you don't get something like disc and drum on an electric scooter, you are asking for trouble. Especially going down hill. I still have it.
    I would love to upgrade to a gas scooter, 50cc or the 150cc class Roketa MCR-16k-150cc , a classic vespa retro style that has some chrome and does come in two tone paint as well and white , red and black solid colors. Two seater , cargo trunk, it's nice.
    But there is a but.... seasonally one can get the motorcycle safety class done. But altogether due to distance at this time and place ( rural Upstate NY) , I would have to stay in a hotel, eat out and such things to be where the class is for three days and nights. This adds costs I would hope to avoid. So this is on the back burner.

    Every state is different about scooters and mopeds and such things too, when you look up the laws.
    I plan to move to Nebraska, evidently in the Fall, with the help of my grown son assisting in transportation, to get me out there to South Central Nebraska where some good old friends live and we can car pool and such weekly. So I won't really need a car yet. I can save for a 150cc scooter, arrange to take their class, which is still cheaper by far than NY costs, and probably carpool to go take the course for the two days, and much of the time the DMV waives the drivers test if you do fine in the course, so that takes care of that.
    It is difficult , whether remained in NY state or moved to NE to have a riding buddy who is licensed that has the time to ride with me for my practice, so I have been frustrated. I have a good driving record, not given to foolish stunts and such and just wish they would let a 56 yr old go ahead and drive alone on their own motorcycle or scooter. ( I had a permit in Calif years ago and just never got the skills test done at the time so it expired.) Sigh.

    So...... in the meantime..... while I save up for the 150cc I want , and go through all the hoops for the motorcycle license, I was trying to find a fairly frugal way of still getting some powered wheels that have brakes that will work...... unlike that wee electric scooter that is also too narrow to really balance comfortably on? Big difference. I decided to look up the engine kits to put on a regular bike, like a mountain bike.
    I found an 2 stroke gas 80cc kit online but that's pretty powerful. Not that I have to ride it that fast, lol. Goes on a 26 inch mountain bike. Altogether it's about 312$ total for both, add in a head light and speedometer it, the next month after the bike and engine , and I would be great. Advice on any 50cc engines for bicycles would be awesome that you put on the bike frame yourself, would be awesome.

    I am mechanical and hopefully the instructions come with it, but any suggestions , especially one that would fit a 24 inch boys mountain bike would be great since I have short legs! I have to purchase a new bike so advice would be great on engine kits available. Brands, sites I can order from and their technical assistance capabilities if I need to call someone up and ask a question or two.
    As long as I don't ride over 20 mph, side of the road like a bicycle, I think I can get by with it here for now. NE laws are probably a bit easier , in comparison. I also like the idea it could get me up a trail around here a ways too in some of the local valleys where biking is allowed and I could bike camp that way. ( Its the Adirondack State Park, so I have to check on that but it would get me close enough to walk in of course to primitive camp areas, this summer. ) I plan on the main bike and engine kit purchase come June.

    Ok...... that should work for what I need. I can no longer do a ten mile walk with neuropathy pain and flames in my feet from diabetes, any more, and the distances to get somewhere here are usually 7 to ten miles, often one way, or even further. Also gone are the days I could easily ride 35 miles on a bike , energy wise, time wise too. None of the electric powered scooters can really safely go that far either on one battery, so gas powered seems the way to go.
    I enjoy mechanical things and have assisted here and there and worked on oxygen equipment and after watching carburator adjustment videos for mopeds on youtube, I know I can do all that stuff. A gas powered bike motor kit should not be too difficult. If it has a manual?

    I am happy to have come across this site and look forward to getting acquainted and finding out how to do all this stuff.
    Eventually I will have all my ducks in a row and have the 150cc class scooter , too. In the meantime I think this will work.

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    I may have found a simple solution , easy to assemble and mount.

    It is a 38cc engine so the speed won't be much more than 15 - 20mph, generally and that keeps it legal and low level detection, lol.

    I read some of the forum posts and thanks to a few suggestions I found heavy duty rechargeable bike headlights. The regular ones here just don't last , it's far too bumpy on the road sides.
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    I really enjoyed learning some things about the 2 stroke engine kits people are using for their bike motors, too. I don't really have a great tool set up here and I know it will be more likely as the hubby to my friend there has a nice shop set up at their home garage so any machining and replacing cheap studs and such on a future bike engine set up could be done out there.

    I think this is a good answer in the mean time. The smaller cc engine is just fine. I really don't want to be going all that fast here in the northeastern Adirondacks because its got old ridges and curvey roads. It is just better to have something steady, and the video shown , showed it was a quiet enough engine, so it's not really an attention getter. Just fine with me!
    NY State did tighten up the laws and actually Nebraska also rates these similarly so I think this , since it says goes over 15 mph, which means its easy enough to just cruise around that or under 20. It also is pedal operated somewhat? If I read it clearly, not sure, it doesn't matter. But to be able to pedal keeps it more like a regular bike and that is fine around town business district , especially. It also has a kill switch. Very good! The slower speed and pedal ability , I think, keeps it out of registration territory.

    I certainly wear protective gear when I ride.
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    This engine will fit on most bikes, and sizes, as well. Easy to transfer to another bike in the future as well.