Sprockets Joint Sprocket Clamp Instalation Help Needed

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    I need info on how to install the joint sprocket clamp. Ive searched this forum and even vendor's sites and don't find the answers. My engine came from gasbikes. It has 2 rubber discs which I know what to do with. It also came with two segmented metal rings. One is made of 2 pieces and the other is 3 pieces. Why 2 different make-ups there ? Do both rubber rings go on the same side of the spokes, or are the poskes to be sandwhiched between the 2 ? I've seen both configurations. Looking at the bike from the rear, I know one of the metal rings goes on the outer right hand side of the rubber rings, but where does the second metal ring go ? Thanks !

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    You got me bit lost. I do 1 between sprocket and spokes. one needs to be sliced then put over hub. then the 3 curved plates. the 3 plates should line up end to end to form circle.line it up bolt it on.might tighten like a spare tire tightening pattern. Keep a eye to make sure it is true. The are posts on alignment and tools here, just search. Pic's could help. The gas bike team you could call or e mail. There quick to get back to you. Could check out installation here and some of the vendors also have them. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was afraid this was going to be confusing without photos. I probably need to just call gasbike and ask them to explain. I think I know the correct way, but need to be sure since this is my first build.
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    Thanks for refreshening my memmory. I vaguely remember seeing that very article. I thought that's how it went together. But I still have not gotten a full answer. In that article, the pieces that are refered to as the "half moon backing plates", I have those. I also have another set of "backing plates" that are comprised of 3 pieces instead of just 2. Why two different sets. Does it matter which set I use. And I swear I've seen photos of a wheel with both rubber rings on the inside of the spokes with the sprocket right up against the spokes on the outside of the wheel. That seems to me like it's a bunch of broken/messed up spokes waiting to happen. Really soon at that !
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    Check out the attached photo. It came from Gasbike.net's build instruction manual on their web site. I told you I had seen a phot of the 2 rubber rings mounted on the inside of the spokes. This photo sure looks like they are to me ! I wonder if someone goofed or if they really put this thing together like that !.

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    The sprocket is around the wrong way...it needs to be flipped(good/concave side facing outwards)
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    My personal position is that not using the rings on both sides of the spokes will create stress points on the spokes you don't want. Frankly, with some notable exceptions, the retailers have no idea what is best with these things. they just sell them. Also, make sure the bolts are between the spokes and do not rest against them.

    Finally, I got the 2 piece plate and 3 piece plate as well. I used both inside. 2 piece first, then the 3 piece on top of them with staggered joints. Many miles, no problems.
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    I guess in a perfect world, there would be a rubber piece on EACH side of the spokes to sort of insulate them from any shock. I couldn't do mine that way. Mine is on just like your picture...unfinished concave side OUT and only one rubber gasket on the inside of the spokes. The sprocket butts flat up against the outside of the spokes. I am running 11ga. spokes on the wheel I built. They stick out quite a bit from the hub so putting another rubber gasket on the outside made the sprocket hit my brake arm (coaster brake hub). Then I'm running #41 chain, hence the concave side out. If I put the nice chromey side out the chain would hit the spokes AND rub the tire.
    I guess ya gotta size things up on an individual basis for all the different hub/wheel setups there are out there and go with what works for YOU. Probably why you got a couple of different rings??? IDK? Use what you can and put the rest on the shelf for another time.
    Also, with my heavy spokes the mounting bolts go just barely through between the hub and the 1st spoke cross (4cross pattern) so they're kind of wedged in there in the triangle...no chance for movement. Again, different setups.
    Hope this helps...good luck!
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    I think I agree with everyone on this issue. Maybe the wheel in the photo I posted is legit. Mabe that's the only way that particular wheel could be built. And the idea of using both metal rings and staggering the joints is an excelent idea too. Thanks for the help guys !

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