jonathan 666cc schwinn occ chopper bike

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  1. jonathandirtbiker

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    Heres my schwinn occ chopper bike with a 6cc motor attached and a custom taknk i built this bike when i was 13. tell me what you think

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  2. Hammond Egger

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    Nice but how do you keep the motor from twisting around. It doesn't look like the back mount is secured.
  3. jonathandirtbiker

    jonathandirtbiker New Member

    well i had that issue to begin with i broke a couple or motor stud bolts so i drilled the old stud hols out and tapped them too 5/16-20. The motor mount black piece i got from livefastmotors but im not impressed to say the least ive had to modfy it alot. thanks
  4. Hammond Egger

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    I feel the same way about the Barry's motor mount I got on ebay, I'm still trying to think of something useful to make out of it. Maybe an engine stand.

    TREEWK Member

    Nice Build. How Old Are You Now? Thanks For Sharing. Ron
  6. james65

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    The great paint job and tank make that bike standout.
  7. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc, Jonathan. I have posted this to various sites. The nuts, bolts, and studs that come with most China kits are junk. The first thing I do is round them all up and throw them in the scrap bucket. Then I go down to the local hardware and replace them with Grade 8's..Stainless Steel if near salt water. There are only a few, and they will not 'break the bank' to replace them all.

    Second, I take a good look at the chain tensioner wheel and bracket. If it looks cheap and flimsier, I would replace it right off the bat before it has a chance to twist loose and wind itself into the spokes, or, anchor one end of the chain while the rest of it whips around wreaking havoc with you and the rest of the bike until the engine stops!
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